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May’s Burst of Growth

A week into May the rain stopped, the temperature rose a little and the skies cleared, bird song increased in volume and in response the garden had a burst of growth. Fledgling Robins, although only hours out of the nest began to follow us around the garden as we worked as if they had an inbuilt knowledge of the link between gardeners and Robin food.

Variations in foliage colour is strong in early May light.

Leaf buds on trees and shrubs started to unfurl and herbaceous plants looked greener and fresher with the new leafy growth. Flower buds fattened ready to open in the next few days.

New seedlings of mixed salad leaves.
Fresh growth on Bowles Golden.
The deep reddish bronze foliage of this Rogersia contrasts beautifully with its green-leaved neighbours.
Aquilegias are about to flower in every border. Can’t wait!
Grey Hosta spear soaring skyward.
This herb valerian self seeds throughout the garden and its scent is welcomed wherever it blooms.

The surge of growth will hopefully allow Mother Nature to catch up a little. The rose bushes are often clothed in fat buds a few of which burst before the end of the month, but at the moment their leaves are still not fully out. Similarly the flowers of the Cercis are usually out now flowering on the bare stems and trunk but their buds are tight shut while the foliage is bursting into life.

Rose foliage emerges a deep shade of red.
The new fresh leaves of Cercis display a deep bronze colour.

Our fruit trees do not want to miss the fun – their leaf and blossom buds burst into life.

Apple blossom gives us so many shades of pink to enjoy.
Very late emerging bud on our Hampton Court vine.

Flower buds are bursting – they do not want to be left out!

The first flower of the Persicaria bistorta stands alone in the lush foliage of the Bog Garden.
The yellow scented flower of this deciduous rhododendron are nearly with us.
Misty blue Cammasia buds opening.
Fat Allium bud rising from the whorl of leaves.
Red Campion buds ready to burst cluster atop their stem.

The most unusual coloured new buds appear on our two miniature Horse Chestnuts.

Delicate pale bronze new hands of chestnut leaves.
Salmon pinky orange?

By greenbenchramblings

A retired primary school head teacher, I now spend much of my time gardening in our quarter acre plot in rural Shropshire south of Shrewsbury. I share my garden with Jude my wife a newly retired teacher , eight assorted chickens and a plethora of wildlife. Jude does all the heavy work as I have a damaged spine and right leg. We also garden on an allotment nearby. We are interested in all things related to gardens, green issues and wildlife.

8 replies on “May’s Burst of Growth”

Yes I’d say Salmon pinky orange with some green in there too. What you seem to see most clearly at this time of year is the layers of colours as if the salmon is lying on top of the fresh new green. That’s me thinking of watercolour painting – no doubt the science isn’t so simple.
Aren’t horse chessnut flowers exotic – I wonder if they last in a vase ? – Graha

Hi Graham. Thanks for your comments. Not sure about chestnuts as cut flowers – I guess they may droop. Unfortunately plant science is rather challenging!


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