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Allotment Oddities

Visiting allotments is always interesting and an excellent opportunity to glean ideas. Gardeners who cultivate allotments are imaginative and seem to have a penchant for experimenting and trying to find ways of using everyday objects in new ways. Recently we visited the allotment site where our daughter and son-in-law, Jo and Rob garden and finished the day with our usual wander around the site. Here are the oddities and ideas we found there.

One allotment boasted this wildlife pool surrounded by all sorts of herbs, soft fruits and fruit trees. The plot tenant proudly showed us around her plot, told us about her pond and introduced us to her chickens.

This supply of hoolahoops awaited their turn to be used to support netting that would protect crops from pests.

This wheelbarrow on a neglected plot had sprouted a lawn – a lawn in need of a trim.

Baths featured on many plots for water storage, this one even retained its tap. Memories of the seventies came flooding back when we spotted the style of the tap.

Mad Jac wasn’t on his plot. Pity that because I bet he would have been great fun to talk with.

Now just what could the plot holder have intended for a table without a top?

An upmarket bath on this plot. Two taps and chrome rather than plastic!

There must have been some very valuable crops on this plot. Or were they secret?

By greenbenchramblings

A retired primary school head teacher, I now spend much of my time gardening in our quarter acre plot in rural Shropshire south of Shrewsbury. I share my garden with Jude my wife a newly retired teacher , eight assorted chickens and a plethora of wildlife. Jude does all the heavy work as I have a damaged spine and right leg. We also garden on an allotment nearby. We are interested in all things related to gardens, green issues and wildlife.

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