New sheds for the lotties.

We have been running out of storage for our communal equipment and bits and pieces at the allotment, so something just had to be done. We applied for a grant to purchase a couple of bike sheds which we could fit between our existing communal huts.

Can there really be a shed in that package? When unpacked there seemed so many pieces.

2013 07 24_2098 2013 07 24_2096

The base was put down, sand and ballast with paving slabs on top.

2013 07 24_2102 We soon set about painting all the individual pieces with a protective brown paint.

2013 07 24_2101 2013 07 24_2100

2013 07 24_2099 2013 07 24_2097

It was a job well done and we emailed fellow allotment committee member, Peter who was going to put them together for us.

The first shed looked good when he had finished constructing it and a group of us spent a morning loading it up with the materials and equipment we use on our community days. We were impressed with how much this little shed held.

20130902_121207 20130902_121215

20130902_124112 20130902_124757

The trouble was that once we had done this we had another to do, so the whole process started all over again! So, out come the paint brushes, screw drivers, …….

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6 Responses to New sheds for the lotties.

  1. Phew, I’m tired just reading about it! Good job done Malc! Margie

  2. That is not what I would call a shed, that is a wonderful addition to the garden, allotment.

  3. Love the shed and with the prep work you did it should serve you well.

  4. lensandpensbysally says:

    Nice that you got a grant–well done–much hard work for a good outcome.

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