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Shropshire Steam – Part 2 – horse power and steam power on parade

I hinted at the end of part one that we would be looking at horse power and steam power for the second part. So this I shall endeavour to do but doubtless I shall have a diversion along the way.

After being enthralled by all those vintage tractors and their associated sundries I  featured in the first Shropshire Steam post, we found a couple of seats just behind the rope that marked the display ring.

We were soon joined by this little chap who was sat on his master’s knee on the seat next to us. He eyed up our lunch and made us feel guilty eating it in front of him.

2014 08 26_4025

Working horses in all their show finery strolled around the ring under the scrupulous eyes of the judges.

2014 08 26_4015 2014 08 26_4016 2014 08 26_4017 2014 08 26_4018

We stayed longer than we had planned as a collection of vintage trucks in every colour and shape possible entered the ring.These in their original lives had carried all sorts of goods around the countryside. Some brought back memories but many were around  before us.

2014 08 26_4001 2014 08 26_4002

2014 08 26_4004 2014 08 26_4003

And a collection of old buses came next. We were enjoying ourselves more and more and sharing memories of bus travel.

2014 08 26_4009 2014 08 26_4010

2014 08 26_4011 2014 08 26_4012

And a couple of old fire engines added a little glamour.

2014 08 26_4005 2014 08 26_4006

But I did promise some steam vehicles, so here they are in all their glory and finery. They not only looked majestic and magical, they also smelled wonderful too. Steam, hot metal, oil and coal smoke.

2014 08 26_4151 2014 08 26_4133


2014 08 26_4129 2014 08 26_4130

2014 08 26_4127



Sometimes the beauty is in the detail.

2014 08 26_4131 2014 08 26_4132

2014 08 26_4128 2014 08 26_4141


We enjoyed this little cameo, a set up showing road works from decades ago. Jude was specially interested as when we followed our family history research we discovered that one of her ancestors was a roadman. He may have used materials and machines just like these.

2014 08 26_4144 2014 08 26_4138 2014 08 26_4139


We always take a special interest and pride in seeing the old steam lorries as many of them were manufactured in Shrewsbury at the Sentinel Works. So these four photos are a good way to finish this second visit to the Shropshire Steam Rally.



2014 08 26_4157  2014 08 26_4143

2014 08 26_4142 2014 08 26_4145

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