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Queenswood Arboretum – Part 1 – the Acers

Late October heralds arboretum visiting time. Last year we visited Bodenham and Arley which we take a trip to most years but we also traveled a little further afield into Cheshire to the Jodrell Bank Arboretum and the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. Over the last five years we have also taken trips to Westonbirt in Gloucestershire, Bluebell Arboretum in Derbyshire.

But there is one closer to us, in fact just an hour away across into Herefordshire, which we have never visited but were reminded of  as we watched Carol Klein visit it on the Gardeners World TV programme. So we made up our mind that our first arboretum visit this autumn would be to Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum. It was worth the wait! Come with us as we explore its delights on a dull overcast day occasionally dampened with bouts of drizzle.

We left the car park to follow Lime Avenue which would take us to the Autumn Garden which promised us a painter’s pallet of Acers. There is something special about the gentle scent of woodlands in autumn, comforting and warming, but this was interrupted by the more aggressive unpleasant odour of foxes whose tracks crossed ours periodically as we climbed the gentle slope below the huge limes towering above us. We diverted often! There were interesting trees grabbing our attention every few yards, making progress slow. Tree silhouettes, bark textures, leaf colours, leaf shapes – all there to distract and attract.

The trees had plenty of autumnal features to attract and distract tree lovers such as Jude the Undergardener and I. Berries, peeling bark, silvered leaves, brightly coloured leaves, black branch silhouettes ……………….

2014 10 23_6107 2014 10 23_6114

2014 10 23_6110 2014 10 23_6109 2014 10 23_6108 2014 10 23_6111 2014 10 23_6113 2014 10 23_6112 2014 10 23_6115

When we reached the area called the “Autumn Garden” we were blown away by the collection of Acers with their striped barks, their red and yellow leaves and their sculptural trunks curling away below their leaf canopy. Part way through the Autumn Garden we found this plaque on the “Dendrology Stone” which was presented to Queenswood Arboretum in 1981 by the International Dendrology Society recognising the quality of its young trees, layout and public access. There only 19 arboretum worldwide which have received this award. This emphasises just how important this 47 acres of country park actually is.

2014 10 23_6209 2014 10 23_6163

2014 10 23_6116 2014 10 23_6117 2014 10 23_6118

But there was far more to see here with trees and shrubs to discover around every corner.

2014 10 23_6120 2014 10 23_6119 2014 10 23_6125 2014 10 23_6124 2014 10 23_6123 2014 10 23_6122 2014 10 23_6121 2014 10 23_61262014 10 23_6127 2014 10 23_6128 2014 10 23_6129 2014 10 23_6130 2014 10 23_6131 2014 10 23_6132 2014 10 23_6133 2014 10 23_6134

But let us enjoy a journey around the delights of the Acers before we get distracted further.

2014 10 23_6136 2014 10 23_6137 2014 10 23_6138 2014 10 23_6139 2014 10 23_6142 2014 10 23_6141 2014 10 23_6140 2014 10 23_6143 2014 10 23_6144 2014 10 23_6145 2014 10 23_6147 2014 10 23_6146 2014 10 23_6150 2014 10 23_6149

We enjoyed a well deserved coffee break on one of the many benches we found within the glade of Acers with a wonderful view. We sat to enjoy our coffee and listened to the Woodpeckers and Nuthatches in the tree canopy. Jays entertained us collecting up acorns, beech mast and sweet chestnuts. This is the view from the seat we chose to take our coffee break sat on. How good is that!

2014 10 23_6119

In part two we shall be seeking out an old orchard and the “Reader’s Seat”.


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