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Croft Castle month by month – part two – February

So here we are back at Croft Castle for the second wander in 2015 around the grounds for my February post. We thought we would find that little would have changed since our January visit, but we found plenty to see and really enjoyed our wander. Fresh buds looked ready and waiting to burst into new life when temperatures rise and light values increase. Droplets of rain from a recent shower caught the light where they lay upon the leaves of a Hypericum.

2015 02 21_9601 2015 02 21_9602

In the long mixed border beside the tall walls which enclose the walled garden the first flowers of the year had opened, the delicate blooms of the snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis and a few pink blooms dotted amongst the marbled foliage of the Cyclamen coum.

2015 02 21_9603 2015 02 21_96052015 02 21_9604

Gardeners had recently discovered a cobbled path running diagonally beneath the lawn close to the gateway to the walled garden. We imagined the excitement when the first signs appeared or perhaps the chink of a spade heard as it hit a cobble. When fully excavated no doubt it will join up with the network of cobble path to be found throughout the garden and grounds.

2015 02 21_9606

Inside the walled garden the temperature rose noticeably and we were well protected from the cold of the winter winds. Enjoy this batch of photos showing what we found within the walls.

2015 02 21_9608 2015 02 21_9609 2015 02 21_9610 2015 02 21_96172015 02 21_9626 2015 02 21_96342015 02 21_9625 2015 02 21_9637

The foliage of two different Epimedium plants looked good together, one with its coat of glossy green the other a rich shining bronze.


2015 02 21_9631 2015 02 21_9632


This old willow with branches rambling haphazardly and randomly caught our attention as its silver catkins shone out in its dark corner of the walled garden. Some branches were severely affected by fasciation causing them to be deformed and tightly curled. Others were subject to gall growths caused by gall wasps.


2015 02 21_96182015 02 21_9619 2015 02 21_9620 2015 02 21_9623 2015 02 21_96212015 02 21_9624


The blue gate that had enticed us to pass through it in January was open again, and we diverted easily to see what was happening in the bothy and greenhouses.


2015 02 21_9611 2015 02 21_96122015 02 21_9613 2015 02 21_9614 2015 02 21_9615

Snowdrops found the shelter under every tree within the walls and encircled their trunks in white bracelets.

2015 02 21_9627 2015 02 21_9628 2015 02 21_9629 2015 02 21_9636 2015 02 21_9640 2015 02 21_9641

We left the protection of the walled garden and wandered around the borders closer to the castle. We were amused by the sight of this caterpillar up a tree. He was a part of a children’s trail discovering the delights of Alice in Wonderland.




2015 02 21_9642

2015 02 21_9643 2015 02 21_9644 2015 02 21_9645 2015 02 21_9646 2015 02 21_9647 2015 02 21_9648 2015 02 21_9649 2015 02 21_9650

When we had skirted most of the castle we reached the little church which on our last visit was covered in scaffolding due to being subject to renovation. We were glad to find the builders had left the little building in peace.



2015 02 21_9652 2015 02 21_9651  2015 02 21_9653 2015 02 21_9654 2015 02 21_9655


Little narrow borders feature in the grounds of the church and looked full of promise. For now though we had to be content with the display put on by this wonderfully colourful Euphorbia.

From there we returned to the car park to make our way home. On our next visit to Croft Castle we will hopefully discover many more signs of spring.

2015 02 21_9657

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