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Croft Castle month by month – part three – March

2015 03 25_0152_edited-1

So back we went for the third of our monthly visits to the Herefordshire property of theNational Trust, Croft Castle where we had a wander to see what had changed since our visit in February. As usual we began our tour by checking out that the coffee and cakes were still up to our high expectations! To get there we walked past the parkland which features the ancient Sweet Chestnuts. These old trees were still showing no signs of spring, their buds tightly closed.

2015 03 25_0066 2015 03 25_0068

Suitably refreshed we cut through a meadow area on our way to the walled garden, and in that meadow little patches of colour shone out, white Wood Anemones, the purple of Fritilleries and the yellows of Celandines and Dandelions. Amongst these the patterned leaves of Arum Italicum, our native Arum Lily clothed the ground. Fritilleries although dramatic flowers with purple chequerboard patterned petals were remarkably difficult to make out among the grass.

2015 03 25_0071 2015 03 25_0072 2015 03 25_0073 2015 03 25_0074

The long, deep mixed border was showing colour too, mostly primulas and bulbs.

2015 03 25_0077 2015 03 25_0078 2015 03 25_0080 2015 03 25_0081 2015 03 25_0083 2015 03 25_00842015 03 25_0085 2015 03 25_0087 2015 03 25_0089 2015 03 25_0090

We walked quickly along the long border trying to avoid the biting wind and reach the protection of the walled garden. When we caught the first glimpse of the doorway into the walled garden we were amazed to see that the little section of cobbled path the gardeners had recently discovered had now been exposed and restored right across the lawned area.

2015 03 25_0067_edited-1

Passing through the little doorway you can see in the photo below at the right hand end of the wall gave welcome relief. There was no wind within the walls and the temperature was so much warmer. It made the day feel comfortable to wander in so we slowed down and took time to look.

2015 03 25_0091

The long border beneath the wall had a scattering of blooms such as these Pulmonaria and Muscari and the buds on a few of the shrubs were beginning to burst. The vineyard however was still deep in its state of hibernation.

2015 03 25_0092 2015 03 25_00932015 03 25_0070_edited-1 2015 03 25_0069_edited-1 2015 03 25_00942015 03 25_0095

As usual we were tempted to go through the blue gates into the working heart of the walled garden. We discovered a newly created fruit garden and close by a Rhubarb plant waited patiently to take its place.

2015 03 25_0107 2015 03 25_01012015 03 25_0100 2015 03 25_0102

In the greenhouse plants had been potted up ready to be sold later in the season, including this array of Pulmonarias.

2015 03 25_01032015 03 25_0104 2015 03 25_0105

Back out in the main walled garden we found more Rhubarb and this looked well on its way to being ready for harvesting. There were signs of spring everywhere in the protected environment within the wall, fresh greens and reds of newly burst buds on willows and roses.

2015 03 25_0108 2015 03 25_0114 2015 03 25_0115 2015 03 25_0116

We noticed as we wandered around the comfortable grassed paths that whenever we caught a glimpse of the garden buildings they seemed to be framed by trees and hedges.

2015 03 25_0124 2015 03 25_0125 2015 03 25_0130 2015 03 25_0142

Leaving the walled garden behind we followed cobbled patterned paths beneath old fruit trees underplanted with Primroses and Daffodils.

2015 03 25_0134 2015 03 25_0140 2015 03 25_0141 2015 03 25_0121

The enclosed courtyard garden was full of the contrasting colours of Primroses and Chionodoxa. A cheerful sight!

2015 03 25_0146 2015 03 25_0147

We seemed to be at Croft on a day when many volunteer gardeners were working on site. They seemed to be enjoying their work and their time was punctuated with laughter and chatter.

2015 03 25_0167

Bees, hoverflies and a few butterflies were out enjoying the early spring sunshine and a little unexpected warmth.

2015 03 25_0157_edited-1

2015 03 25_0162_edited-1 2015 03 25_0161_edited-1 2015 03 25_0160_edited-1 2015 03 25_0159_edited-1 2015 03 25_0158 2015 03 25_0158_edited-1

Our next visit will be in April when we expect to see Spring in full swing.








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They are flowers of a Bergenia, often called Elephants Ears. Great early flowering plants with good foliage all year often turning red or purple depending on the cultivar. We use them as a edging plant all over our garden.

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