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Yellow Book Gardens – 3 – Brobury House Gardens

For our third Yellow Book Garden visit we found another garden set in our neighbouring county of Herefordshire, so we drove down through the beautiful countryside of South Shropshire and North Herefordshire. It was a sunny day with a sparkling blue sky. Brobury House Gardens are open for much of the year but on the day of our visit they were open for the NGS Yellow Book Scheme. Their website was enticing so we arrived with high expectations. The garden was situated alongside the River Wye so we were looking forward to views of the Wye, probably the most picturesque river in England.

We began as usual with coffee and cake which was served in a beautiful conservatory with seating in and out. The view we enjoyed as we sat enjoying our refreshments increased our expectations. We were given a beautiful plan of the garden with some details of the garden and from this we learned that the garden was being redesigned and a lot of replanting had taken place.

As we approached the conservatory we spotted this beautiful blue Clematis and a nice barrow of plants for sale. From the conservatory we admired this beautiful, gnarled Mulberry tree reputed to have been planted by the naturalist and diarist the Rev Francis Kilvert. Close by, yellow tulips lit up the borders.

2015 04 15_06912015 04 15_0690 2015 04 15_06982015 04 15_0692 2015 04 15_0693

Among the tulips we were pleased to see a Drimys showing its delicately scented yellow flowers. We have a couple of these evergreens in our Avocet garden but we have rarely seen them elsewhere.

2015 04 15_0694 2015 04 15_0696

From the pond, in the section of garden inspired by Lutyens, we got a wonderful view back to the house.

2015 04 15_0697  2015 04 15_0699 2015 04 15_0700 2015 04 15_07012015 04 15_0703

After the formality of the Lutyens styled garden we wandered down to the strongly contrasting stream and informal pools. Close by was a stand of mature white stemmed Birches, which glowed on this sunny afternoon.

2015 04 15_0706 2015 04 15_0707 2015 04 15_0708 2015 04 15_0709 2015 04 15_0710 2015 04 15_07112015 04 15_0713 2015 04 15_0714 2015 04 15_0715 2015 04 15_0716 2015 04 15_0717 2015 04 15_0718 2015 04 15_0720 2015 04 15_0721

As we followed the narrow stream of clear water we found a border of Hellebores under the shade of tall native deciduous trees. The stars of this border were the Hellebores with flowers the colour of Primroses.

2015 04 15_0724 2015 04 15_0725

The stream continued its short journey to the River Wye through beautifully planted bog gardens.

2015 04 15_0726 2015 04 15_0730 2015 04 15_0731 2015 04 15_0732 2015 04 15_0733 2015 04 15_0734 2015 04 15_0735 2015 04 15_0736 2015 04 15_0737

As we left the boggy areas we found a stand of Weeping Silver Pears covered in white blossom.

2015 04 15_0739 2015 04 15_0740

The stream beyond the boggy areas became narrower as it passed through sloping meadowland. Here our native Snakeshead Fritillaries graced its banks and among the purple flowers we discovered this white beauty with thin green lines on the outside of its petals.

2015 04 15_0741

Behind the coach house the walled kitchen garden has been renovated and redesigned. It still has peaches growing on the walls and the greenhouse range has been beautifully restored.

2015 04 15_0744 2015 04 15_0745 2015 04 15_0746 2015 04 15_0747 2015 04 15_0748 2015 04 15_0750

We were drawn by the varieties of Tulips in flower in this area, especially this stunning lily flowered orange bloom.

2015 04 15_0753 2015 04 15_0754 2015 04 15_0755

We had one border still to see, a long border against the wall below the house. Spring bulbs featured strongly here so it was a very colourful border.

2015 04 15_0756 2015 04 15_0757 2015 04 15_0758 2015 04 15_0759

And naturally we had a coffee before we made the journey home, this time we sat outside on the terrace as the weather had improved throughout our exploration of this interesting garden and the chill wind had lessened. We shall certainly recommend this garden to our friends.

2015 04 15_0760 2015 04 15_0761



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