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Cercis – the best tree for the May garden?

We have a Cercis canadensis in our garden and every year we look forward to its flowering period. The flowers are like small pea flowers and are the deepest brightest pink possible. In some years the flowers come before the leaves make their appearance and in others the leaves and flowers are out together. This May the flowers are at their best just as the leaves are appearing so we can appreciate the pink flowers against the new bronze foliage. Strangely the flowers form straight on the bark of the trunks and branches of this Cercis which attracts attention from our garden visitors.

The common name for this tree is the Judas Tree.

Simply enjoy my photos of this wonderful tree.

2015 05 21_1846 2015 05 21_1848 2015 05 21_1849 2015 05 21_1850   2015 05 21_1853 2015 05 21_1854 2015 05 21_1855 2015 05 21_1856 2015 05 21_1857


We have a close relative in the front garden called Cercis canadensis “Forest Pansy” which is grown for its deep purple foliage and its black branches in winter. Where we live in the UK midlands this tree doesn’t normally flower but this year following a wet winter and warm dry early spring ours is trying hard to bloom. The buds have been half-open for over a month now and seem to be struggling to open. Perhaps a warm and sunny period of weather will spur it on. Fingers crossed!


2015 05 21_1851 2015 05 21_1852

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