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A Week in the Lake District – Part 7 – Holker Hall

I had recently read a book on the original creation and the more recent re-design of the gardens at Holker Hall so I was really looking forward to visiting it to see it for real. The book made mention of many rare and interesting trees being planted which made me extra keen to visit.

We hoped it would reach our expectations as it was the last day of our week in the Lake District. We looked forward to a gentle stroll around a peaceful, atmospheric garden. We were not disappointed in any way! Holker’s gardens were full of variety and surprises, with a careful balance of the formal and informal.

As we entered the garden we were presented with this vista, a vista full of promises to come.

2015 06 05_2629

Taking each pathway off from the central path we discovered beautiful examples of formality, neatly cut grass, hedges carefully clipped and seats neatly tucked into niches.

2015 06 05_2632 2015 06 05_2633  2015 06 05_2635 2015 06 05_2636 2015 06 05_2637 2015 06 05_26382015 06 05_2669 2015 06 05_2670

But formality cannot work without carefully chosen and well-grown plants.

2015 06 05_2631 2015 06 05_2634

As we moved away from the formality of the first section of the garden we found gentle meadows which presented a complete contrast.

2015 06 05_2639 2015 06 05_26452015 06 05_2649

The meadows contained surprises, a stone circle, a maze, seats of single blocks of slate and the most beautiful sundial.




2015 06 05_2642 2015 06 05_2643 2015 06 05_2644 2015 06 05_2646 2015 06 05_2647 2015 06 05_2648

It was hot wandering out in the open space of the meadows so it felt good to wander around shaded areas and an Italianate water garden.

2015 06 05_2651 2015 06 05_2652 2015 06 05_2653 2015 06 05_26542015 06 05_2683

One of the reasons to visit Holker Hall is the collection of rare and unusual trees. They were underplanted with meadows of grasses and wildflowers which gave the wooded area the character of a real William Robinson styled wild garden

2015 06 05_2656  2015 06 05_2674 2015 06 05_26662015 06 05_2673 2015 06 05_2678 2015 06 05_2680 2015 06 05_2681 2015 06 05_2682 2015 06 05_2671 2015 06 05_2684

We were amazed by the number of interesting trees at Holker and enjoyed discovering several champion trees. There were so many special places throughout the gardens where shrubs and trees were sensitively grouped to set them off in the best light.

2015 06 05_2675

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