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Salisbury – part 2

As we return to Salisbury you find us still exploring the Cathedral. We left the Chapter House behind after a long stay and returned to the nave. Enjoy a tour with my photos.

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Two mystery photos to finish off our tour of the cathedral – what do the two following pictures show?

2015 10 24_6698 2015 10 24_6702

As we left the cathedral after several hours of walking on hard stone floors our feet were relieved. We were pleased to discover that the weather had improved and we had blue skies and sunshine. This gave me the chance to take a few more pics of the cathedral as we walked through the close and back into the town.

2015 10 24_6730 2015 10 24_6728

We went off in search of more architecture but this time on a much more domestic level.

2015 10 24_6729 2015 10 24_6733 2015 10 24_6734 2015 10 24_6732 2015 10 24_6731 2015 10 24_6737

We returned to the car via the river bank where we followed a path that we used to walk along when we used to live close to Salisbury over 40 years ago. I thought I would finish my two posts from the city with this shot of a brightly coloured outhouse door. Someone has a sense of humour!

2015 10 24_6735 2015 10 24_6736




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