Are You Sitting Comfortably – no 23 in an occasional series

Here we are back with a collection of photos of garden seats that inspire me to record them and share them. Enjoy!

The first batch are from the National Trust garden at Biddulph Grange.

So I don’t know when my next post in this series will appear – it will simply when I have found enough garden seats to create a little gallery.


By greenbenchramblings

A retired primary school head teacher, I now spend much of my time gardening in our quarter acre plot in rural Shropshire south of Shrewsbury. I share my garden with Jude my wife a newly retired teacher , eight assorted chickens and a plethora of wildlife. Jude does all the heavy work as I have a damaged spine and right leg. We also garden on an allotment nearby. We are interested in all things related to gardens, green issues and wildlife.

2 replies on “Are You Sitting Comfortably – no 23 in an occasional series”

I’ve long researched the ‘growing herb garden seat’ for how to do here, in my growing zone – so many stories from the ‘olden times’ talk about the growing garden seats – how one would sit on them and the ‘crush’ of the herbs would scent the air around them – – sigh – so while I love the places to sit and enjoy the garden, I hope in your travels you come across examples of growing seats – I’d love to see examples of them, to figure out how to build/structure, to do here, for my zone – cactus grow well here, even in drought years – but they aren’t too comfortable to sit on – and clover and thyme are low growing and lovely, and bear traffic, but for sitting? nope – one might sit on a bee, since they ave so few awesome spots to feed upon – 🙂 Sigh – my quest and one I hope I can complete, before this life is over – thanks for all the ramblings and pictures you post – they are such an inspiration to me about what I want in my ‘local garden’ – 🙂

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