Fresh foliage – a border springs to life!

March is a great month for freshness in the garden, fresh bird song, fresh spring bulb flowers and fresh foliage, which is what i want to feature in a gallery of my photos of freshly emerged foliage of herbaceous perennials in triangular border beneath our bedroom window. I hope you enjoy my selection of photos.

Can you tell which plants they are?

I hope you enjoyed this little photo journey through a border.

By greenbenchramblings

A retired primary school head teacher, I now spend much of my time gardening in our quarter acre plot in rural Shropshire south of Shrewsbury. I share my garden with Jude my wife a newly retired teacher , eight assorted chickens and a plethora of wildlife. Jude does all the heavy work as I have a damaged spine and right leg. We also garden on an allotment nearby. We are interested in all things related to gardens, green issues and wildlife.

5 replies on “Fresh foliage – a border springs to life!”

Yes – each day new plants sprout and now with this warmth the whole earth seems to be bursting forth.

Yes in the current warmth you can feel the surge of The Earth with each day new things bursting through.

no, I can’t tell you which plants, the more I work through “botany in a day’ lessons, I start to look at leaves more – and stems – and how they are shaped, how things branch off – the thickness of the leaf, the number of ‘petals’, etc. SOMEDAY! I hope to be able to gaze upon pictures, or walk through a landscape and think, “Oh! Look! Thats [insert plant family/plant] – it does well [in these conditions] you often find it in the wild around [this other plant], it’s useful for [food, companion, medicine, attracting beneficial pests, out competing this other $#@$ that rapes the landscape….] – Sigh – So much to learn, still! In the second half of my life – if I live to be over 100…. 😀 Thank you so much for all the things you share here – your posts, too, are part of my ‘learning’ journey!

P.S. – I don’t know, who, exactly, is able to do ‘botany in a day’ – been working through the lessons, testing myself, putting knowledge from each module to ‘work’ in my mind, for over 6 months now – – – LOL But it is very wonderful way to walk into this world… 😀

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