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Flowering Quince

At the bottom of our drive alongside the gateposts we grow a beautiful flowering quince. It grows alongside a low wall and its cheery blooms peek through the trellis that sits atop the stonework.


It is a very friendly, bright and cheerful plant to say welcome to visitors.


It flowers often throughout the year but at the moment it looks splendid as the first flush of blooms were killed by ice and snow and remain as mauve mummified blooms alongside vibrant fresh red blooms.


With the sun shining through the blooms the red is even brighter.

2013 04 08_0006_edited-1

The new buds perch along the bare branches like little birds on a twig.


Then the buds extend ready to burst.


So that is the flower that says welcome to our home and garden! There is only one problem with it – it has long vicious spines awaiting the unsuspecting gardener.