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Gardening in lockdown – Sitting Comfortably at Avocet

I have occasionally shared posts for years now called “Are you sitting comfortably?” where I feature garden seats we find on our exploration of other people’s gardens. As we are in “lock down” now we are not visiting any gardens other than our own here at Avocet, so I thought it would be fun to feature all the garden seating in our Avocet garden.

We hope you enjoy sharing them with us! I have taken a photo of each seat and then one or two of the view from each seat. This lock down period means that we have no visitors to sit in our seats – how strange!

Let us start in the front garden where we have a pair of purple chairs and a seat under an arch.

Here are the views from the arched seat…….

…..and from our purple chairs.

Moving into the back garden the seats become harder to find as they are situated in each area sometimes well hidden away from paths. The first seats, a pair of wooden folding chairs are alongside the Conservatory Garden give us views over the Conservatory Border.


Nearby is a set of metal table and four chairs sitting alongside the rill in the Rill Garden. The view from here looks out across the Rill Garden towards the Winter Garden.


If we then follow the central pathway and take the first grass path on the left we find ourselves in the Hot Garden where we have two hand crafted wood and metal seats made for us by sculptor Nik Burns. We like his work as he uses wood selected fro woodland local to us. They are so beautiful being made for us using local elm and burr oak, so special!

These seats afford us views around the Hot Garden.

Next to the Hot Garden is a path that we can cross over to enter the Japanese Garden where we find just one seat a cold concrete bench, from where we can get a good look around this part of our garden.


If we then wander past the Wildlife Pond and the Bog Garden we can visit Arabella’s Garden where we have an old Victorian Railway Platform seat made from cast iron and wood. From this seat we can see the plantings in Arabella’s Garden and also look out across the farmland beyond our garden.


Brightly coloured table and chairs sets are found in the final two garden rooms, The Secret Garden and The chicken Garden. The orange set is in The Chicken Garden and the pale blue set in The Secret Garden.

The photos below show on the left the view from the orange seats and on the right the view from the pale blue seats.












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Are you sitting comfortably? Part 16 in a very occasional series.

It seems a while since I shared a post with you in this very occasional series about garden seating, so Ithought I would check back over this autumn and summer garden visits to see what we discovered on our various garden visits. I hope you enjoy this widely varied selection from very varied locations.

The first pair of seats is from a visit to a woodland garden in Powys with the wonderfully strange name of Gregynog.

The first seat is created from the remains of an old massive fallen tree, whereas the second is a quite common garden bench but with an exceptional view out over a lake.


We then move to Herefordshire to the amazing Picton Gardens, home of Asters, where seats are welcome as there is so much to see and appreciate you need time to sit and take it all in.

In our home county of Shropshire a young couple have created a garden and nursery in an old walled garden attached to Milllichope Hall. This is a garden with so many unusual herbaceous plants as well as more well known ones all mingling with ornamental grasses. It is an exciting new garden which looks set to get better and better. Just look at this matching pair of simple wooden benches.

On a much larger scale are the gardens at Ness Botanical Gardens up in the Wirral near Liverpool, a great wandering garden that needs a full day to appreciate all it has to offer.

Way down in Somerset is a Piet Oudolf garden designed to soften the area around farm buildings now converted into gallery spaces. These simple metal chairs in the enclosed courtyard fit so well.

Still in the South West of England we next visit the RHS garden at Rosemore, a garden with many different areas of changing character.


I shall finish off this selection with a visit to The Japanese Garden down in Cornwall.

It feels to good to finish this seat selection with some unusual seats set in an unusual garden. Next time we visit this occasional post it will be number 17.

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Are you sitting comfortably? – part ten of a very occasional series

Here we are – with the tenth post in my very occasional series looking at my collection of photographs of garden seats we discover as we explore the gardens we enjoy visiting so much. We have many seats in our own garden to allow us to sit and enjoy it. Equally we look for seats in every garden we visit to help us sit and fully appreciate what we see.

Here is a selection from a Shropshire Yellow Book garden, Windy Ridge. They show how important it is to place seats in suitable places so that they are in harmony with the plants themselves.

win-37 win-25 win-22 win-01 win-04 win-03

Windy Ridge is a small family garden visited by hundreds of gardeners every year. We will now look at how a much larger garden uses different seats in different ways to suit its own particular circumstances. Hestercombe is a large garden designed partly by Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll which is open to the public attracting thousands of visitors each year. The famous Lutyens benches obviously feature strongly as expected. This seat design must be the most famous and recognised of all garden furniture. As well as these benches there is a wide range of unusual ones to be explored, including several in buildings of many styles plus a few in a huge tent shaped like a shuttlecock.

seats-15 seats-18 seats-03 seats-05 seats-07seats-04 seats-08 seats-09 seats-12seats-10 seats-11  seats-13 seats-16 seats-17 seats-01

Where will our next selection of unusual, wonderful and strange garden seats come from? We are already searching them out!