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The Sheffield Gardens – Part 2 – James Hitchmough’s patch

So during our weekend up in Sheffield after visiting the garden of Nigel Dunnett, we moved on to explore the garden of his colleague, Professor James Hitchmough. This garden was half way up a steep narrow road near the city centre with terraced houses on both sides.

An NGS sign pointed us through a gateway, where a path took us through the side garden where a wooden gate opened up to reveal the back garden, where glimpses of yellow, orange and red invited us to explore further.

These colourful glimpses hinted at the array of South African bulbs such as watsonias and gladioli, which formed part of a garden that was one low growing meadow below a few gnarled old apple trees. This was no surprise as James Hitchmough is the pioneer of seed sown meadows mixed with such bulbs, but his public gardens such as the one at Wisley tend to be so much larger than his own little patch.

It is a gentle garden with foliage playing an important role and many blues, pinks and whites adding some subtlety.

This was a small but so interesting and atmospheric too.


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Post 500 – Tom Stuart-Smith at Serge Hill

As promised for the third in my week’s posts celebrating my 500th post we go down to Hertfordshire to explore Tom Stuart-Smith’s garden designs at his own home and the home of his sister. The family home at Serge Hill is surrounded by mature planting. The new gardens  designed by T S-S are within its grounds. When these gardens open they are very popular with thousands of visitors making an appearance. It looks very busy and taking photos is difficult as the gardens are only open for one day each year as part of the National Garden Scheme, so people find it in the famous Yellow Book. The friendly herd of Guernsey calves greeted every visitor. We wandered through the gardens around the house which had been there a long time but the influence of T S-S can be seen.

2014 06 22_0703-1 2014 06 22_0671-12014 06 22_0668-1 2014 06 22_0599-12014 06 22_0600-1   2014 06 22_0604-1 2014 06 22_0601-1 2014 06 22_0609-1 2014 06 22_0614-1 2014 06 22_0612-1 2014 06 22_0611-1 2014 06 22_0610-1

In the gardens at Tom’s and his sister’s, both designed to suit their particular needs, we felt we had found the nearest to perfection in meadow planting, prairie planting and courtyard planting. Come with us and see what you think.

Firstly I shall share my photos of the courtyard at The Barn. It has an atmosphere of such calm. Those loungers must provide a wonderful place in which to relax and be content with the world. The rectangular corton steel pools with their sheets of water dyed black for extra reflection mirror so clearly the moving clouds and any overhanging plants. Looking into them it appears as if they are bottomless.

2014 06 22_0675-3 2014 06 22_0684-1

2014 06 22_0678-1 2014 06 22_0681-1


2014 06 22_0674-1 2014 06 22_0680-1

The planting is so simple but effective. Every plant has its place and complements its partners perfectly. Chartreuse and purple flowers and bracts work together so well against their background of grasses and coloured foliage.

2014 06 22_0676_edited-1 2014 06 22_0689-1

2014 06 22_0694-1 2014 06 22_0695-1

2014 06 22_0699-1 2014 06 22_0701-1



2014 06 22_0697-1 2014 06 22_0677_edited-1

Reaching the prairie we found fellow garden fellow visitors exploring every pathway that were winding throughout.

2014 06 22_0714-1

Close by a huge area had been planted as a native wildflower meadow which provided a wonderful contrast to the more vibrant prairie. We shall look in greater detail at the prairie and meadow as well as Tom Stuart-Smith’s sister’s garden in the next post.



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A Modern Cottage Garden in Herefordshire

Church Cottage was the place we were seeking as we trundled down a narrow rutted country lane not far from Ross -on-Wye. Look for a definition of an English Cottage Garden and the main elements will be lawns with borders full of randomly planted perennials put together with no thought given to colour. The gardens at Church Cottage were so different. The garden was the creation of a garden designer who described herself as a plantaholic.

2013 08 07_2449 2013 08 07_2453 2013 08 07_2456 2013 08 07_2465

We were soon absorbed in the soft planting and enjoyed the many calm places to sit and rest.

It seemed that the wildlife appreciated this garden as much as we did.

2013 08 07_2501 2013 08 07_2500

After a quiet sit with tea and cake listening to the birds in every bush, tree and overhead and watching clouds of butterflies exploring the borders we set off for a most enjoyable wander.

It soon became apparent that this garden was designed by a gardener with a great eye for combining colours beautifully.

2013 08 07_2450 2013 08 07_2451 2013 08 07_2452 2013 08 07_2454 2013 08 07_2457 2013 08 07_2466

There were archways, pathways and framed views to entice the visitors. Sometimes we were taken down a pathway as the design gave no choice but at other times choices were presented. Often equal choices. So visitors were sent and guided much of the time but on occasion the choice of route was totally up to the visitors themselves.

2013 08 07_2473 2013 08 07_2477 2013 08 07_2480 2013 08 07_2487 2013 08 07_2489 2013 08 07_2490 2013 08 07_2491 2013 08 07_2503 2013 08 07_2505

In just the same way as the powerful design of the garden took us on journeys, on occasion we were stopped in our tracks by interesting and enthralling objects or cameos.

2013 08 07_2497 2013 08 07_2492 2013 08 07_2488 2013 08 07_2486 2013 08 07_2483 2013 08 07_2482 2013 08 07_2481 2013 08 07_2476 2013 08 07_2474 2013 08 07_2472

But as in any garden the stars of the show were the plants and in this gardens some of the borders were exceptionally beautifully planted. There were outstanding plant groupings.

2013 08 07_2507 2013 08 07_2506 2013 08 07_2504 2013 08 07_2496 2013 08 07_2495 2013 08 07_2494 2013 08 07_2491 2013 08 07_2485 2013 08 07_2484 2013 08 07_2479 2013 08 07_2478 2013 08 07_2471 2013 08 07_2470 2013 08 07_2468 2013 08 07_2467 2013 08 07_2466 2013 08 07_2464 2013 08 07_2458

This was a garden that appealed to us when we read the info in the Yellow Book and although it was further away than our usual day trips we just had a feeling it would be worthwhile. It was hard to find – but it was so worth the effort. We loved it!