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A Walk in the Park – Attingham Park July

Here we are back at Attingham Park for another wander, this time to see what is going on in the walled garden and woodland pleasure gardens in July. We arrived in the rain and carried on regardless. Foliage was glossy … Continue reading

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Sussex Prairie Garden – a prairie garden in Sussex

This is a garden I have been reading about and admiring in photographs for several years and I have enjoyed watching it develop. Imagine our surprise when we were on a mid-week break in September and discovered that we were … Continue reading

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My Garden Journal in August

My August entries in my Garden Journal 2016 see me beginning Volume Two. On the first page I look back to my original garden journal’s August entries. “I made my first ever entries for our new garden in August 2003. … Continue reading

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My Garden Journal in June

Half way through the year and we are also at the half way point of my garden journal. Here is my journal for June – I hope you enjoy it! “It is June and the sky is blue and the … Continue reading

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A few words of garden wisdom

We always enjoy reading plaques in gardens when they contain words of wisdom. There are so many plaques around aimed at gardeners that are simply too twee and really of no use in the garden. I thought you may like … Continue reading

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The insect hotels in our garden

We recently made a new insect hotel and revamped one of the older ones, so I thought I would share them with you. This post is particularly for the follower who asked about insect hotels and adding green roofs to … Continue reading

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Garden Entrances and Archways – No 1 of a very occasional series.

This will be another occasional series, similar to my “Are you sitting comfortably?”series which has been around for quite a long while now. Here I shall share with you those little features in gardens which entice us to take a … Continue reading

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