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Take Two

Recently I published a post about one tree, today I follow up with a post about two logs. Of course they are from Silver Birch trees, my favourite trees. When we have our log supply for the winter delivered the birch logs always look so colourful and full of textures. These two started getting more colourful and as the bark dried and peeled the textures got more interesting.

So I popped them down on the back lawn and took these shots. Please enjoy! You just have to like the curly bits! Look closely and you will find landscapes in miniature brought out by the bright sunlight.

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Building a new log store

Why do piles of logs neatly stacked always look so good in a garden? They are somehow welcoming indicating perhaps that inside there awaits the comfort of an open log fire or roaring log burner. We have always stored our logs under the overhang alongside our front door, which smells lovely as you approach or as you open the door in the morning. That lovely smell of cut wood.

2013 09 27_3712

However this summer we have had a wood burner fitted in our conservatory so we need more wood storage. We had logs piled in any vacant space we could find around the house and garden. In the picture below these logs are piled up leaning against my fishing storage shed on the edge of the path between the shed and our garage. It was all getting a bit annoying.

2013 09 27_3711

The answer was another wood shed and in a rash moment I decided I could make one! I decided I would design and construct one that would store a whole load of logs and at the same time hide the refuse wheelie bins.

2013 09 27_3710 2013 09 27_3709

Well I did manage but will admit it did take a few weeks to achieve.

2013 10 04_4091 2013 10 04_4090

But I have to say I am rather pleased with the end result. Now I must telephone Ben the woodsman for a trailer load of logs. I feel sure the logs will be well-seasoned as I have allowed for plenty of air movement and it should get plenty of sun.

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Our Log Pile

Each summer we have a delivery of logs, a truck load of hardwoods mostly oak, birch and poplar with just a few softwood pieces. We stack the logs to let them season well before we need them in the colder months to come. They dry out and become much more efficient burners, giving off more heat and burning for longer.

2013 08 22_2845

This year they have been subjected to periods of very hot dry weather so have changed colour dramatically and dried out completely. Any bark left on the birches has curled into lovely shapes as it dries out exposing a rich mahogany red layer below.

2013 08 22_2846 2013 08 22_2919 2013 08 22_2841 2013 08 22_2843

Please browse and enjoy my gallery of photos taken on a bright day with strong light and deep shadows.

And now for a final shot of a surprise find in the pile as I moved a few logs. This little critter was hidden away and didn’t even move when I spoiled his hiding place and removed his security.

2013 08 22_2832 2013 08 22_2907

He eventually realised he was left exposed so fluttered off to feed on the nearby Buddleja bush.

2013 08 22_2831 2013 08 22_2829