Surprise! Surprise! The return of an old friend.

Just when you think you have lost touch for ever that special old friend reappears so unexpectedly.

I had just started digging out the mature compost from my composter when a little bit of green appeared. Could it really be?

A little more investigation – delicate archaeological style sifting and there it was – my long-lost favourite garden trowel. As good as new too!!



A few years ago we treated ourselves to a talk given by Bob Flowerdew, the leading organic gardener  and garden writer. He says that he always has 5 trowels and by the end of the year he has usually lost all but one. Most he found as he emptied his compost bins to get at his rich home-made compost. We now do the same but in 2012 we lost all of ours. Two we found as we cleared away perennials in the early months of 2013 but we were still three down until this one appeared in our compost bin.


So, only two more to find, but we are confident that we shall have found them all by the time we have emptied the remaining three composters. Fingers crossed.