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A Canalside Walk in the City Centre

A canalside walk in the city centre! It just has to be Birmingham. You may remember a recent post about the new library in the great city of Birmingham. To those of us who live in the centre of the UK and not in the South and who know the city well, then it is obvious that Birmingham should be the Capital of England and not London. Being in the middle of the country it could represent the whole nation properly without the dreadful North-south divide that having the capital in the south has created.

The first photo is a self portrait and also sets the scene. The following batch illustrates the quality of light available for me to use that day. All the photos were taken on my Galaxy Phone’s camera – great little camera to use on the streets when you don’t want to be noticed. People remain at ease if you have a phone in your hand rather than a camera.

2014 03 09_7023

2014 03 09_7024 2014 03 09_7028

The new library proved what a vibrant, forward thinking city Birmingham is. This post will feature a part of the city’s past that has been brought back to life. Its canals. Here small business thrive, cafes and bars are full of life and people just wander looking contented.

2014 03 09_7038 2014 03 09_7039


2014 03 09_7034

We soon discovered that there is such an array of buildings of all shapes, sizes, functions and ages to be viewed from the canal towpath.

2014 03 09_7017  2014 03 09_7020  2014 03 09_7022   2014 03 09_7025 2014 03 09_7026 2014 03 09_7033

2014 03 09_7035 2014 03 09_7050

2014 03 09_7036 2014 03 09_7071

2014 03 09_7053

It was hard to imagine as we walked the towpaths that this thin strip of water was a hub of transport a few centuries ago, the equivalent of the clogged M6 motorway we had traveled on to get to it. This little tug barge was one of the few signs of the canal’s previous importance.

2014 03 09_7027


Our usual coffee break was taken within the comfort of one the National Convention Centre cafes. One of our favourite concert venues, the Symphony Hall is integrated with this building. There are some wonderful features here both inside and out.

2014 03 09_7037   2014 03 09_7040 2014 03 09_7041 2014 03 09_7042 2014 03 09_7043  2014 03 09_7044

2014 03 09_7045 2014 03 09_7046

2014 03 09_7048

As we progressed around our canal-side ramble we got occasional glimpses of the New Library. Can you spot it in the picture below?

2014 03 09_7073

No canal wandering can be complete though without a few reflections to enjoy, and not forgetting a nice old curvy bridge!

2014 03 09_7072 2014 03 09_7032

2014 03 09_7018 2014 03 09_7069


I keep trying to get a good picture of shadows created by benches and am never very pleased with the results. The one below I was actually quite pleased with. I then finish off with a pic of patterns found beneath our feet and my favourite photo of the day, the glass globe against a filigree of delicate branches.

2014 03 09_7052 2014 03 09_7021

2014 03 09_7049

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