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Aiming for a year round garden – early summer.

Number four in this series of posts concerning our aim at ensuring that our garden all year round sees me and my trusty Nikon wandering the paths of our garden in the last week of May. so come with me and see what you think. Are we still on track?

As usual we shall begin our wanderings in the front where right by the front door we find our personalised trug and our climbers growing in the old galvanised container. Opposite the front door the Freda Border is looking full of interest.

2014 05 27_9661 2014 05 27_9662

2014 05 27_9660

Round the front of the house the Chatto Garden seems full of chartreuse highlighted with brightly coloured Irises.

2014 05 27_9663 2014 05 27_9664 2014 05 27_9665 2014 05 27_9666 2014 05 27_9667 2014 05 27_9669 2014 05 27_9670 2014 05 27_9671 2014 05 27_9672

Our mixed borders are full of many different textures, shapes and colours provided by the herbaceous plants and the shrubs.

2014 05 27_9673 2014 05 27_9674

As we move into the back we find our lush colourful planting in the Secret Garden and the Chicken Bed. On a sunny day you need sunglasses to appreciate these areas.

2014 05 22_9497 2014 05 22_9503 2014 05 22_9504 2014 05 22_9505 2014 05 22_9506 2014 05 22_9507 2014 05 22_9508 2014 05 22_9509 2014 05 22_9535

Down by the pool the Japanese Garden is dominated by the Acers but in the Bog Garden the big leaves of the Rheum and Hostas pick up any shaft of sunlight.

2014 05 22_9510  2014 05 22_95122014 05 22_9517 2014 05 22_9514

How about this for a self-seeder, an Anthirinum in the deepest pink possible with tiny splashes of yellow and orange growing alongside a red leaved Acer.

2014 05 22_9520

Looking from the Summerhouse the garden looks full of, so is now a lovely place to sit with a coffee and enjoy our hard work.

2014 05 22_9518 2014 05 22_9519

2014 05 22_9515 2014 05 22_9516     2014 05 22_9521 2014 05 22_9522 2014 05 22_9513 2014 05 22_9511

Moving back towards the greenhouse we can take a look at the Crescent Bed and around the Rill Garden. Just look at this little flower hovering above the leaves of the Aeonium.

2014 05 22_9524 2014 05 22_9526 2014 05 22_9527 2014 05 22_9523 2014 05 22_9525

From the Rill Garden we can see the Seaside Garden which we recently revamped.

2014 05 22_9528 2014 05 22_9530

We often miss out the mini-gardens on our wandering blog posts so we shall have a look now at the Fern Border, Shed Slate Garden, the Salad Beds and the Slate Scree Garden.

2014 05 22_9529  2014 05 22_9532 2014 05 22_9533  2014 05 22_9536

So there we have it, our garden in early Summer. We hope it is still looking good. The next post in this series will be in mid-Summer when we shall be fast approaching our first ever opening under the National Garden Scheme. Seeing our own garden in the famous Yellow Book certainly makes you look closely at our garden.

By greenbenchramblings

A retired primary school head teacher, I now spend much of my time gardening in our quarter acre plot in rural Shropshire south of Shrewsbury. I share my garden with Jude my wife a newly retired teacher , eight assorted chickens and a plethora of wildlife. Jude does all the heavy work as I have a damaged spine and right leg. We also garden on an allotment nearby. We are interested in all things related to gardens, green issues and wildlife.

4 replies on “Aiming for a year round garden – early summer.”

You’ve created some well-defined views. I enjoy seeing each of your named areas and can imagine how the excitement and anticipation is building for the mid-summer open opening under the National Garden Scheme. How long will your garden be on view? Your visitors will be wowed and will easily recognize how lovingly tended your garden is.

We are open just for one day this year but have several garden clubs coming on other days plus a garden design tutor is bringing students around. Just hope weather is kind.

I love your garden! I love how you have all the different areas, styles of garden and that there is colour absolutely everywhere! I’d love to see it in person but that tour was the next best thing! Thank you for showing me around. It was lovely, especially so on a day when arthritic pain is not responding to pills! Thank you again, very much 🙂

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