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The Dorothy Clive Garden

I promised at the end of my post about the wild colours at Dorothy Clive to take a wander with my camera to show the milder coloured side of this lovely garden in late spring. We usually visit this garden in the late summer or early autumn when the mixed borders simply zing! The oranges of Leonotis and Leonorus and the reds of Crocosmia “Lucifer” work in wondefully to give a burst of fiery colours. Annuals mix with perennials and the odd shrub in long sweeping borders. When we had the invitaton to visit in early May we jumped at it, hoping to see a side to the gardens we had not seen before. We turned left by the cottage into the dell full of the outrageous colours of the Rhododendrons and Azaleas as featured in my previous post.

2014 05 08_8963

But there was more here than just bright colours, and we soon discovered a rich selection of woodland plants.

2014 05 08_8976 2014 05 08_8965

2014 05 08_8966 2014 05 08_8964

2014 05 08_8967 2014 05 08_8979

2014 05 08_8968 2014 05 08_9025

As in many gardens over the last few years the gardeners have realised the beauty that lies beneath the floral displays of the Rhododendrons – the sculptural form of their trunks and branches. Clever pruning techniques brings the beauty of their form to the fore.

2014 05 08_8975 2014 05 08_8986

Leaving the dell we wandered the winding paths towards the Laburnum Walk which we were expecting to be in its most glamorous clothes. We found more woodland favourites and more flowering shrubs and small trees. We enjoyed the purity of the white flowered Magnolias.

2014 05 08_8982 2014 05 08_8983 2014 05 08_8984 2014 05 08_8995 2014 05 08_8997 2014 05 08_8998 2014 05 08_9001 2014 05 08_9003

Lovely vistas opened up as we left the more densely planted areas under the mature trees. the mixed borders here had a very gentle feel to them.

2014 05 08_9006 2014 05 08_9008

The Laburnum Walk was not in flower as much as we had expected but the sun came out after a storm giving added freshness to the light and we enjoyed walking slowly through the tunnel of Laburnums.

2014 05 08_9013 2014 05 08_9014 2014 05 08_9015 2014 05 08_9016

Golden Hop climbed among the Laburnums and gentle coloured perennials sat at their feet.

2014 05 08_9017 2014 05 08_9018 2014 05 08_9019 2014 05 08_9020

The newest area at Dorothy Clive is the Edible Woodland and this has developed nicely since our last visit.

2014 05 08_9021 2014 05 08_9022 2014 05 08_9032 2014 05 08_9033 2014 05 08_9034 2014 05 08_9035 2014 05 08_9036 2014 05 08_9037

We managed to quickly walk part of the sloping gardens before the rain came in ferociously and drove us to an early finish to our visit. Hopefully the few photos I managed to take as the rain approached will give some idea of how delightfully planted this part of the garden is.

2014 05 08_9040 2014 05 08_9041 2014 05 08_9042 2014 05 08_9043 2014 05 08_9044 2014 05 08_9045 2014 05 08_8922 2014 05 08_8949

I am not a great conifer fan but the colours of these cones against the glaucous needles looked amazing. I am beginning to enjoy Pines now and appreciate them far more. I am sure we shall be visiting the Dorothy Clive Gardens again before long and then perhaps we can concentrate more on this gently sloping section.

2014 05 08_9038

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