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Happy 10th Birthday Trentham

On our May visit to the gardens in Trentham which we are following this year in order to check it out as a “garden of all seasons” we were in for a surprise. Not only had the gardens blossomed since our April visit but we also arrived to discover that Trentham was celebrating its 10th birthday. So the gardens were full of excited visitors and extra attractions. Balloons and banners soon revealed why there seemed so many more people there than usual. We then realised we had chosen a great day to visit and also a great year to look at the gardens through the months in Greenbenchramblings posts.

2014 05 29_9874 2014 05 29_9875 2014 05 29_9873 2014 05 29_9685

The photo above right shows the view across Piet Oudolf’s “River of Grasses” and in the background a stream of visitors passing through to reach the celebrations.

2014 05 29_9827 2014 05 29_9835

We soon came across strange happenings whenever we turned a corner to enjoy the next section of the garden. The huge colourful butterfly and his friend the giant plant posed willingly for my camera.

2014 05 29_9730 2014 05 29_9731 2014 05 29_9732

Around another corner we discovered a horse and cart passing by and a huge choir preparing to perform the “Happy Birthday song”.

2014 05 29_9739 2014 05 29_9744

It wasn’t long before we glimpsed two giant gardeners and a strange statue.

2014 05 29_9747 2014 05 29_9785

The statue wasn’t behaving how statues should. She didn’t just stand elegantly and sublimely for people to admire. She gave an occasional wink, a little smile or smirk at passers by, who were surprised and a few scared out of their skin. Some youngsters just were not sure what to make of her.

2014 05 29_9786 2014 05 29_9787 2014 05 29_9788 2014 05 29_9789 2014 05 29_9790

Ten years ago the gardens were reborn and opened once again and two of Europe’s greatest garden designers, Tom Stuart-Smith and Piet Oudolf were brought in to redesign great swathes of the old garden creating modern herbaceous plantings within the old parkland and Italian gardens. This juxtaposition of old and new has worked well as anyone who follows this blog will know from my many posts about the garden at Trentham but they also know how to proudly celebrate their birthday.

2014 05 29_9796 2014 05 29_9797 2014 05 29_9798 2014 05 29_9799 2014 05 29_9800 2014 05 29_9801 2014 05 29_9802 2014 05 29_9803 2014 05 29_9812 2014 05 29_9813

After treating ourselves to a scone and a cup of tea we discovered a falconry display about to begin. We enjoyed a great display by owls, eagles and falcons.

2014 05 29_9828 2014 05 29_9829 2014 05 29_9830 2014 05 29_9831   2014 05 29_9834 2014 05 29_9833 2014 05 29_9832

Children were engaged in many unusual activities. We were particularly taken with this idea. Making faces on the trunk of an old tree out of clay and collected natural objects.


2014 05 29_9836 2014 05 29_9839

2014 05 29_9837 2014 05 29_9838

The last treat of our day was to listen to a few songs performed by a local brass band, who had polished their brass instruments and brushed up their uniforms.

2014 05 29_9847 2014 05 29_9848 2014 05 29_9850 2014 05 29_9852

So there we have it – the 10 year birthday celebrations of the gardens at Trentham. Here’s to ten more!

2014 05 29_9851


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