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Pembrokeshire coast and gardens – part 4 – Cardigan Castle

As promised I am now sharing with you my photos taken at Cardigan Castle. As you will soon see it is a very varied place featuring all sorts from a celebration chair to a sword and from an allotment to a pillbox!

Enjoy this selection of my photos!

I hope you enjoyed my photographic tour which is somewhat of a mystery tour!



Celebrating in the garden – 60th

On a fine day in late August we traveled down to Farnham, a beautiful Surrey market town, to share in celebrating my brother Graham’s 60th birthday. It was a sunny garden party and the garden was suitably dressed in its party decorations. The guests arrived throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

2015 08 27_47662015 08 27_4788 2015 08 27_4775

The garden was in full party gear which created a great celebratory atmosphere.


2015 08 27_4763 2015 08 27_4764 2015 08 27_4765 2015 08 27_4767 2015 08 27_47712015 08 27_4768 2015 08 27_47692015 08 27_4770 2015 08 27_4772 2015 08 27_4773 2015 08 27_4774 2015 08 27_4776 2015 08 27_4777  2015 08 27_4781 2015 08 27_4782 2015 08 27_4783 2015 08 27_4784 2015 08 27_4787 2015 08 27_4794 

The art studio at the end of the garden was transformed into an ice cream parlour for the day and proved a popular attraction as the day got warmer. Children and adults alike indulged in the home made delights.

2015 08 27_4779 2015 08 27_4780

The party ended as night took over and guests left exhausted and full of contentment. In the morning the garden looked to be suffering from the “night after” feeling, but soon returned to its beautiful self. It seemed totally unaware that its owner and gardener was one year older than yesterday.

2015 08 27_47602015 08 27_4790 2015 08 27_4791 2015 08 27_4792 2015 08 27_4793 2015 08 27_4761 2015 08 27_4762 2015 08 27_4759

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Celebrating Autumn at the Allotment

As many of you will already know we celebrate every season at our allotments, Bowbrook Allotment Community, so recently it was the turn of Autumn which we linked with Halloween. We want to make children aware of the seasons, how each is different, how they are part of a cycle and we want to emphasize seasonality. This is easy on an allotment site where we harvest fresh fruit and veg all year round . It is also the time of year when we cut our wildflower meadows. This is a job done by families or small groups and once they are cut it takes a while to get used to their short hair cuts. We are sowing the semi-parasitic wildflower, Yellow Rattle, in some of our meadows. This useful little plant is an attractive yellow flowered native plant which parasitises on the roots of the tougher species of grasses which means there is less competition for our wild flowers.

At our Autumn Celebration we invited members to take part in a competition to decorate their sheds following the theme of Halloween. Our judge enjoyed the experience even though it was a long job.

2015 11 01_7010 2015 11 01_7011 2015 11 01_7012 2015 11 01_7014 2015 11 01_7017 2015 11 01_7018 2015 11 01_7021 2015 11 01_7023 2015 11 01_69952015 11 01_7024 2015 11 01_70002015 11 01_6996 2015 11 01_6997 2015 11 01_7055

One couple and their daughter decorated their plot and spread the ghosts across into the nearby tree. It looked great!

2015 11 01_7006 2015 11 01_7005

Our tea committee were in attendance providing hot drinks and cakes. They even decorated their tea shop. One of the committee, Tracy, made toffee apples using apples from our community orchards. These proved most popular. Once it got dark we lit the barbeque and we all cooked our food on it We also lit our fire pits so we had the inviting aromas of wood smoke and BBQ cooking.

2015 11 01_7031 2015 11 01_6991

2015 11 01_7029 2015 11 01_69802015 11 01_6973 2015 11 01_6984

This year we decided to invite everyone, children and adults to dress up in appropriate gear. Jude and I joined in as a witch and Dracula which upset some of the youngest children who didn’t like us looking like that. The first picture below shows us in our costumes.

2015 11 01_7032 2015 11 01_6978 2015 11 01_6998

We held a competition for carved pumpkin lanterns and both children and adults took part. Liz, a committee member, organised fun games for the youngsters, which as always were very popular and played with the sound of laughter.

2015 11 01_7008 2015 11 01_7034 2015 11 01_6975 2015 11 01_6977 2015 11 01_6976 2015 11 01_6981  2015 11 01_6982 2015 11 01_6990

When Darkness fell we lit the lamps, lit the candles in the pumpkin lanterns and took off for a walk around the site with the lit pumpkin lanterns to show the way. The children loved walking in the dark with their lanterns and visiting all the spooky sheds lit up. Some adults stayed to enjoy coffees around the fire pits.

2015 11 01_7040 2015 11 01_70392015 11 01_7041 2015 11 01_70422015 11 01_7047 2015 11 01_70532015 11 01_7036 2015 11 01_7002 2015 11 01_7046    2015 11 01_7057 2015 11 01_7058 2015 11 01_7062 2015 11 01_7065 2015 11 01_7067

And a great time was had by all! Lots of members during the evening asked when our next celebration was. It will be our Winter/Christmas Celebrations. That will be a future post.



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Celebrating Winter – Part Two

Welcome back to part two of my Winter Celebration post. Our celebrations are a good illustration of true community spirit and show how people with a common purpose, in this case allotment gardening, can come together in friendship.

We return to our allotment community garden Winter Celebration as the light fades. The children share their Christmas excitement by playing games organised by Liz one of our committee members and ably helped out by fellow committee member Anne.

2014 12 08_8072 2014 12 08_8094

First up was a game of “Pin the red nose on Rudolf” which proved a difficult challenge!

2014 12 08_8083 2014 12 08_8084  2014 12 08_8169 2014 12 08_8168 2014 12 08_8170

Races followed which were accompanied with loud laughter and shrieks of delight!

2014 12 08_8066 2014 12 08_8068

2014 12 08_8067 2014 12 08_8065

But things didn’t always go according to plan!

2014 12 08_8093

Little Edward was amused and amazed by it all.

2014 12 08_8071

The BBQ was soon  glowing and the fire pit  beginning to show flames.

2014 12 08_8085 2014 12 08_8086



All the lanterns and candles were lit alongside the main grass pathway. They looked great!   At times the air was full of smoke from the BBQ and fire pit. The willow decoration making went on under artificial lighting.

2014 12 08_8111 2014 12 08_8100

 2014 12 08_8108

Muffins and crumpets were toasted on the glowing embers of the BBQ and spread with butter and home made jams, brought in by the committee.

2014 12 08_8103 2014 12 08_8110


2014 12 08_8424 2014 12 08_8421

2014 12 08_8105 2014 12 08_8426


Little Ella carried her own lights around with her. She glowed wherever she went. We finished the day of celebration by taking a wander around the site by candle light carrying our lanterns and torches and enjoying seeing the decorated sheds in the dark. Ella and her red lights led the way.

2014 12 08_8107

2014 12 08_8112 2014 12 08_8113 2014 12 08_8114 2014 12 08_8116 2014 12 08_8117 2014 12 08_8118 2014 12 08_8121 2014 12 08_8124

To finish my pair of posts about our Winter Celebration I will leave you with two photos, the first shows our tree with our lanterns down the central pathway and the second the dying embers of the fire pit as we lock up to go home.



2014 12 08_8125 2014 12 08_8126

The day after we returned to complete the tidying up. At every one of our seasonal celebrations we finish late and we are always too tired to get all the tidying up completed so back we go the following morning. Jude and I arrived to find that other committee members had already got plenty done. We had to use wheelbarrows to collect up the lanterns and jam jars which held the candles, as we had so many.

2014 12 12_8753

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Celebrating Winter – Part One

This is the first of my special posts for Christmas. Part two will arrive in your inbox on Christmas Day.

Our Winter Celebration at our allotment community garden was a true winter wonder! We celebrate each season on the allotments when we get together as a community. We have children’s activities and games, and seasonal family activities as well as some sort of barbeque.

We have a close relationship with a local nursery called Love Plants and they often help us by donating plants when we create new gardens. For our Winter Celebration they donated a fine specimen of a Nordman Fir. We thought it would be fun if everyone who came to the celebrations brought along a tree decoration and added it. It was hard to imagine how it would turn out. We collected it wrapped in netting and fitted into a heavy log.

2014 12 12_8760 2014 12 12_8762

Our celebrations began at 2:00 and as visitors arrived they added their tree decorations to our Nordman Fir.

2014 12 08_8007 2014 12 08_8015 2014 12 08_8016 2014 12 08_8059 2014 12 08_8095

By the time darkness fell the tree was well covered and looking mighty bright. One member even added a string of lights to the tree, so when it got dark the tree glowed beautifully.

2014 12 08_8058 2014 12 08_8125


As well as a Christmas Tree we also had a Tree of Wishes and Memories. We provided parcel lables on which members and visitors could write down their thoughts for Christmas and the New Year, expressing their wishes and writing down their memories. The photo shows Pete tying his on.

2014 12 08_8060

As with all our seasonal celebrations our Tea Committee set up shop with the help of a generator, a tea urn, camping gas cookers and lots more. Being cold,  they planned to serve tea, coffee and hot chocolate drinks at. The committee members brought in home made soups to be shared. With allotments to produce the ingredients the soups just had to be tasty. They were wonderful! The photos below show Wendy starting to set out the tea shop and Michael getting the generators started.

2014 12 08_8134 2014 12 08_8061

Our friend and fellow plot holder Sherlie, a retired florist planned to show visitors how to create Christmas decorations from willow and other natural materials. Before members arrived she set up a display of her work and gathered materials.

2014 12 08_8378 2014 12 08_8379

Once proceedings got under way lots of people were tempted to have a go.


2014 12 08_8022 2014 12 08_8166


2014 12 08_8064 2014 12 08_8077

2014 12 08_8075 2014 12 08_8078

2014 12 08_8080 2014 12 08_8079

At our Autumn Celebrations we challenged members to decorate their sheds for a “Spooky Shed” competition. For our Winter Celebrations the challenge was to create sheds dressed for Christmas. The results were amazingly creative and original. In the couple of hours leading up to our celebrations members got creative with their sheds.

2014 12 08_8385 2014 12 08_80192014 12 08_8020 2014 12 08_8031

Here are a few shots of the sheds including the winning ones.

2014 12 08_8045 2014 12 08_80382014 12 08_8145 2014 12 08_8146

2014 12 08_8037  2014 12 08_8036


One family even decided to wrap their shed up as one massive present!

2014 12 08_8062

Christmas Greetings appeared everywhere, on plots, on sheds and alongside paths and lanterns and lights adorned many plots.

2014 12 08_8033 2014 12 08_8030 2014 12 08_8029 2014 12 08_8026 2014 12 08_8025 2014 12 08_8021 2014 12 08_8023 2014 12 08_8046


Jude organised an activity for adults and children alike, making bird cakes to keep the birds well-fed over the winter. Lots of people joined in and got very sticky hands. The allotment birds are going to be very well fed this winter!


2014 12 08_8415 2014 12 08_8171

We had a BBQ all ready to go and a fire pit ready to be lit when darkness fell. Here are Michael and Ian relaxing as they wait to light up the fire pit. We shall pick up the story of our day of celebrations in part two.

2014 12 08_8081 2014 12 08_8082






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Three Crazy Days at the Allotments – Part 2

Welcome back to part two of my “Three Crazy Days at the Allotments” series of posts and in this one we are celebrating Halloween. We do this every year as it is a good excuse to have a BBQ, make our sheds look weird and to get together socially before the weather changes.

This year we decided to hold competitions for preserves, the weirdest vegetables, the best carved pumpkin lanterns and also invited members to decorate their sheds so that we could find one suitable to be hailed “The Spookiest Shed”. We set the afternoon and evening going with games for the children.

2014 10 24_6360 2014 10 24_6357 2014 10 24_6445 2014 10 24_6453 2014 10 24_6497 2014 10 24_6337

Our members had been so busy beforehand and the judges had a hard time selecting winners in all the competitions. The photos below shows the table where members dropped off their entries into the preserves and weird veggies competitions.

2014 10 20_5951 2014 10 24_6408

The competitions were judged as the BBQ was warming up. In the first photo one of our members, who likes to be known as Mrs Anna, is judging the Pumpkin Lantern competition. As you can see there were some very imaginative ideas. To her left is one of our youngest allotment members Edward, who danced his way through the afternoon but found a few moments to help our judge out. He did have to stop now and again for a rest and an occasional snooze. Pumpkins appeared all over the site – one member even decorated her compost heap with lots of small pumpkins. And of course Mrs Anna was appropriately dressed as one when she carried out her judging.

2014 10 20_5952 edward

2014 10 24_6503 2014 10 24_6389-1

2014 10 24_6383 2014 10 24_6384 2014 10 24_6385 2014 10 20_5957

The tea shop awaited its first customers, as in the background members can be seen arriving. The communal huts were decorated to welcome everyone. As well as all the children who dressed up many adults joined in. It took a long time for us to work out who the ghost was!

2014 10 20_5953 2014 10 20_5954

2014 10 20_5960 2014 10 24_6348

I went round for a quick look at the Spooky Sheds while it was still just about light, to find so many different ideas.

2014 10 20_5955 2014 10 20_5956 2014 10 20_5958 2014 10 20_5959 2014 10 20_5962

2014 10 20_5963 2014 10 20_5967

2014 10 20_5966 2014 10 20_5974

2014 10 24_6415 2014 10 24_6349

2014 10 24_6412

The winning shed was this one which was decorated around every side of the shed itself, across the bench and down the plot to where the skeleton was rising out of the ground. On another plot a hand with one finger missing was rising from a plant pot.

2014 10 20_5980 2014 10 20_5978

2014 10 20_5979 2014 10 20_5968

One plot holder managed to co-ordinate her decoration with the berries of the Firethorn climbing up her shed. In another shed we found a witch had set up home!

2014 10 20_5973 2014 10 20_5972

As with all our seasonal celebrations we found time for a BBQ. As the light continued to fade we “sparked up” our seasonal lamps. Glowing skulls!

2014 10 20_5961 2014 10 20_5985

2014 10 20_5986 2014 10 20_5989

Some members took the chance to get dressed for the occasion. Here is Liz, our youngest committee member and Wendy who is one of our founder members.

2014 10 20_5993 2014 10 20_5996

Wendy has formed our tea committee with her neighbouring plot holder Dee and we can see them here enjoying their BBQ while taking a break from their tea and coffee making duties.

wendy 2014 10 20_5991

As the light faded, the children were getting increasingly excited in anticipation of the usual finale to out Halloween celebrations, our walkabout with our pumpkin lanterns. We trailed around the site looking at all the decorated sheds. One plot holder had even left a big tray of sweets on the bench for the wanderers. We were joined on our walk by real bats flying about our heads.

2014 10 20_6002 2014 10 20_6003 2014 10 20_6006 2014 10 20_6007

So one day we were celebrating the success of Shrewsbury in the Britain in Bloom awards and our essential role in it and the next we were letting our hair down and celebrating Halloween. Crazy lot really! It just shows how much fun gardening can be.

In the third and final post in this series about our allotments we found ourselves back there on day 3 and back in work mode.

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Happy 10th Birthday Trentham

On our May visit to the gardens in Trentham which we are following this year in order to check it out as a “garden of all seasons” we were in for a surprise. Not only had the gardens blossomed since our April visit but we also arrived to discover that Trentham was celebrating its 10th birthday. So the gardens were full of excited visitors and extra attractions. Balloons and banners soon revealed why there seemed so many more people there than usual. We then realised we had chosen a great day to visit and also a great year to look at the gardens through the months in Greenbenchramblings posts.

2014 05 29_9874 2014 05 29_9875 2014 05 29_9873 2014 05 29_9685

The photo above right shows the view across Piet Oudolf’s “River of Grasses” and in the background a stream of visitors passing through to reach the celebrations.

2014 05 29_9827 2014 05 29_9835

We soon came across strange happenings whenever we turned a corner to enjoy the next section of the garden. The huge colourful butterfly and his friend the giant plant posed willingly for my camera.

2014 05 29_9730 2014 05 29_9731 2014 05 29_9732

Around another corner we discovered a horse and cart passing by and a huge choir preparing to perform the “Happy Birthday song”.

2014 05 29_9739 2014 05 29_9744

It wasn’t long before we glimpsed two giant gardeners and a strange statue.

2014 05 29_9747 2014 05 29_9785

The statue wasn’t behaving how statues should. She didn’t just stand elegantly and sublimely for people to admire. She gave an occasional wink, a little smile or smirk at passers by, who were surprised and a few scared out of their skin. Some youngsters just were not sure what to make of her.

2014 05 29_9786 2014 05 29_9787 2014 05 29_9788 2014 05 29_9789 2014 05 29_9790

Ten years ago the gardens were reborn and opened once again and two of Europe’s greatest garden designers, Tom Stuart-Smith and Piet Oudolf were brought in to redesign great swathes of the old garden creating modern herbaceous plantings within the old parkland and Italian gardens. This juxtaposition of old and new has worked well as anyone who follows this blog will know from my many posts about the garden at Trentham but they also know how to proudly celebrate their birthday.

2014 05 29_9796 2014 05 29_9797 2014 05 29_9798 2014 05 29_9799 2014 05 29_9800 2014 05 29_9801 2014 05 29_9802 2014 05 29_9803 2014 05 29_9812 2014 05 29_9813

After treating ourselves to a scone and a cup of tea we discovered a falconry display about to begin. We enjoyed a great display by owls, eagles and falcons.

2014 05 29_9828 2014 05 29_9829 2014 05 29_9830 2014 05 29_9831   2014 05 29_9834 2014 05 29_9833 2014 05 29_9832

Children were engaged in many unusual activities. We were particularly taken with this idea. Making faces on the trunk of an old tree out of clay and collected natural objects.


2014 05 29_9836 2014 05 29_9839

2014 05 29_9837 2014 05 29_9838

The last treat of our day was to listen to a few songs performed by a local brass band, who had polished their brass instruments and brushed up their uniforms.

2014 05 29_9847 2014 05 29_9848 2014 05 29_9850 2014 05 29_9852

So there we have it – the 10 year birthday celebrations of the gardens at Trentham. Here’s to ten more!

2014 05 29_9851


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Decorated Bicycle Bits in a Garden?

Yes, you have read the title correctly. This post is about decorated bits of bicycles in a garden. These are no ordinary bikes, these are decorated bikes or sometimes just decorated bicycle wheels. We were surprised by the sight of the first of these decorated bikes when we came across it in the grounds of Anglesey Abbey.

We discovered that they were there to celebrate an anniversary of cycling in Cambridge. Each bike or parts of bikes were decorated by knitters!

Just share our enjoyment of discovering them by looking at my photos.

2014 03 20_7364 2014 03 20_7365 2014 03 20_7366 2014 03 20_7384 2014 03 20_7397 2014 03 20_7429


Our Village Celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

This weekend all over the UK, towns and villages have been celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth 11 has been on the throne for 60 years, having become Queen back in 1952 when Jude the Undergardener and I were just a year old.

In our village, Plealey, we celebrated with a street party which was enjoyed by villagers and their families from a few weeks old to 80 year olds. The population of our tiny village hovers around the 50 mark but it increased to over 130 today.

The village has been adorned with Union Jacks and red, white and blue bunting, hanging from trees, telegraph posts and house fronts. Today one of the lanes in the village, Well Lane became a long, thin dining room. The villagers have been baking and preparing food all week. Yesterday it rained heavily all day and from tomorrow into the rest of the week more wet weather is forecast, but today we awoke to blue skies and sunshine which graced us with its presence all day.

All the hedges and gates  joined in and even one of the village benches had a flag.

The usually quiet Well Lane was lively today and greeted visitors with massed flags and bunting. Halfway down the lane the long, long table met us and invited us in.

And the villagers soon arrived and filled up the seats in time for the food to arrive. There was enough food to feed a big town let alone little Plealey.

Beryl and our next door neighbour Ros wait patiently for their party food.
And they were not to be disappointed!
But they found time for a look around before tucking in.
The seats are filling up.

The day drew some real characters, dressed in crazy hats and clothed in red, white and blue. Jude the Undergardener even wore red shoes while she waved her Union Jack flag.


The Queen herself graced us with her presence but she didn’t behave like a Queen, as I photographed her strangling one of her subjects!

The Queen found time to greet her subjects.

She didn’t always behave like a queen – this subject misbehaved so she simply strangled him!
She misbehaved for the newspaper photographer.

Even the cakes were patriotic …..

Throughout the afternoon a traditional steam organ played merrily in the background.

In the little community room at the back of the chapel a display of memorabilia  brought together by the villagers provided an extra interest as the afternoon drew to a close. A collection of celebration mugs from the past, books and old newspapers brought back memories for many villagers.

As I finish this post at the end of the day beacons glow on all the hills around us, glowing in the night sky.