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Celebrating Winter – Part One

This is the first of my special posts for Christmas. Part two will arrive in your inbox on Christmas Day.

Our Winter Celebration at our allotment community garden was a true winter wonder! We celebrate each season on the allotments when we get together as a community. We have children’s activities and games, and seasonal family activities as well as some sort of barbeque.

We have a close relationship with a local nursery called Love Plants and they often help us by donating plants when we create new gardens. For our Winter Celebration they donated a fine specimen of a Nordman Fir. We thought it would be fun if everyone who came to the celebrations brought along a tree decoration and added it. It was hard to imagine how it would turn out. We collected it wrapped in netting and fitted into a heavy log.

2014 12 12_8760 2014 12 12_8762

Our celebrations began at 2:00 and as visitors arrived they added their tree decorations to our Nordman Fir.

2014 12 08_8007 2014 12 08_8015 2014 12 08_8016 2014 12 08_8059 2014 12 08_8095

By the time darkness fell the tree was well covered and looking mighty bright. One member even added a string of lights to the tree, so when it got dark the tree glowed beautifully.

2014 12 08_8058 2014 12 08_8125


As well as a Christmas Tree we also had a Tree of Wishes and Memories. We provided parcel lables on which members and visitors could write down their thoughts for Christmas and the New Year, expressing their wishes and writing down their memories. The photo shows Pete tying his on.

2014 12 08_8060

As with all our seasonal celebrations our Tea Committee set up shop with the help of a generator, a tea urn, camping gas cookers and lots more. Being cold,  they planned to serve tea, coffee and hot chocolate drinks at. The committee members brought in home made soups to be shared. With allotments to produce the ingredients the soups just had to be tasty. They were wonderful! The photos below show Wendy starting to set out the tea shop and Michael getting the generators started.

2014 12 08_8134 2014 12 08_8061

Our friend and fellow plot holder Sherlie, a retired florist planned to show visitors how to create Christmas decorations from willow and other natural materials. Before members arrived she set up a display of her work and gathered materials.

2014 12 08_8378 2014 12 08_8379

Once proceedings got under way lots of people were tempted to have a go.


2014 12 08_8022 2014 12 08_8166


2014 12 08_8064 2014 12 08_8077

2014 12 08_8075 2014 12 08_8078

2014 12 08_8080 2014 12 08_8079

At our Autumn Celebrations we challenged members to decorate their sheds for a “Spooky Shed” competition. For our Winter Celebrations the challenge was to create sheds dressed for Christmas. The results were amazingly creative and original. In the couple of hours leading up to our celebrations members got creative with their sheds.

2014 12 08_8385 2014 12 08_80192014 12 08_8020 2014 12 08_8031

Here are a few shots of the sheds including the winning ones.

2014 12 08_8045 2014 12 08_80382014 12 08_8145 2014 12 08_8146

2014 12 08_8037  2014 12 08_8036


One family even decided to wrap their shed up as one massive present!

2014 12 08_8062

Christmas Greetings appeared everywhere, on plots, on sheds and alongside paths and lanterns and lights adorned many plots.

2014 12 08_8033 2014 12 08_8030 2014 12 08_8029 2014 12 08_8026 2014 12 08_8025 2014 12 08_8021 2014 12 08_8023 2014 12 08_8046


Jude organised an activity for adults and children alike, making bird cakes to keep the birds well-fed over the winter. Lots of people joined in and got very sticky hands. The allotment birds are going to be very well fed this winter!


2014 12 08_8415 2014 12 08_8171

We had a BBQ all ready to go and a fire pit ready to be lit when darkness fell. Here are Michael and Ian relaxing as they wait to light up the fire pit. We shall pick up the story of our day of celebrations in part two.

2014 12 08_8081 2014 12 08_8082






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