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Celebrating Winter – Part Two

Welcome back to part two of my Winter Celebration post. Our celebrations are a good illustration of true community spirit and show how people with a common purpose, in this case allotment gardening, can come together in friendship.

We return to our allotment community garden Winter Celebration as the light fades. The children share their Christmas excitement by playing games organised by Liz one of our committee members and ably helped out by fellow committee member Anne.

2014 12 08_8072 2014 12 08_8094

First up was a game of “Pin the red nose on Rudolf” which proved a difficult challenge!

2014 12 08_8083 2014 12 08_8084  2014 12 08_8169 2014 12 08_8168 2014 12 08_8170

Races followed which were accompanied with loud laughter and shrieks of delight!

2014 12 08_8066 2014 12 08_8068

2014 12 08_8067 2014 12 08_8065

But things didn’t always go according to plan!

2014 12 08_8093

Little Edward was amused and amazed by it all.

2014 12 08_8071

The BBQ was soon  glowing and the fire pit  beginning to show flames.

2014 12 08_8085 2014 12 08_8086



All the lanterns and candles were lit alongside the main grass pathway. They looked great!   At times the air was full of smoke from the BBQ and fire pit. The willow decoration making went on under artificial lighting.

2014 12 08_8111 2014 12 08_8100

 2014 12 08_8108

Muffins and crumpets were toasted on the glowing embers of the BBQ and spread with butter and home made jams, brought in by the committee.

2014 12 08_8103 2014 12 08_8110


2014 12 08_8424 2014 12 08_8421

2014 12 08_8105 2014 12 08_8426


Little Ella carried her own lights around with her. She glowed wherever she went. We finished the day of celebration by taking a wander around the site by candle light carrying our lanterns and torches and enjoying seeing the decorated sheds in the dark. Ella and her red lights led the way.

2014 12 08_8107

2014 12 08_8112 2014 12 08_8113 2014 12 08_8114 2014 12 08_8116 2014 12 08_8117 2014 12 08_8118 2014 12 08_8121 2014 12 08_8124

To finish my pair of posts about our Winter Celebration I will leave you with two photos, the first shows our tree with our lanterns down the central pathway and the second the dying embers of the fire pit as we lock up to go home.



2014 12 08_8125 2014 12 08_8126

The day after we returned to complete the tidying up. At every one of our seasonal celebrations we finish late and we are always too tired to get all the tidying up completed so back we go the following morning. Jude and I arrived to find that other committee members had already got plenty done. We had to use wheelbarrows to collect up the lanterns and jam jars which held the candles, as we had so many.

2014 12 12_8753

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