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Aiming for an all year round garden – our garden in December.

The final chapter! December. We have followed the journey through the months of 2014 looking at our garden trying to decide whether we have succeeded in our aim of creating a garden with interest in every month of the year.

2014 12 03_7986-1

So here we are on our final wander of 2014 to see how the garden is looking in December. Next year we open our garden for charity throughout the spring and summer so we hope we have succeeded in our aim for creating an all year garden. The day I decided to go for my wander with camera in hand coincided with the day of the first proper frost. But it didn’t last long and had little affect on the plants. The grapes are now well past their sell by date, but the chickens and the local Blackbird population seem to enjoy them anyway. Frost brings out the texture in leaves and seed heads.

2014 12 16_8881 2014 12 16_8883


2014 12 16_8885 2014 12 16_8888


2014 12 16_8890 2014 12 16_8894

2014 12 03_7968-1 2014 12 03_7967-1 2014 12 03_7966-1 2014 12 03_7969-1  2014 12 03_7977-1 2014 12 03_7976-1 2014 12 03_7975-1 2014 12 03_7970-1

2014 12 03_7972-1 2014 12 03_7979-1

The Blackbirds and Mistle Thrushes are enjoying the variety of berries we grow for them, but once the winter migrant thrushes arrive they have more competition.

2014 12 03_7974-1 2014 12 03_7973-1

As the frost melts away it has a translucent look where it sits on the leaves of this Hypericum.

2014 12 03_7981-1 2014 12 03_7982-1

Garden ornaments and furniture both play a more important role as the plant life dies down over the winter months.

2014 12 03_7980-1 2014 12 03_7984-1

2014 12 03_7988-1

Our Hellebores are coming into flower far too early this winter. We usually enjoy them in February and March. But the Prunus subhirtella autumnalis can blossom anytime from November to March, so to see it this good in December is no surprise.

2014 12 03_7983-1 2014 12 03_7991-1

2014 12 03_7994-1 2014 12 03_7993-1

Our trees show off their wonderful silhouettes now they are bereft of leaves. The bark texture shows up sharply in winter light.

2014 12 03_7987-1 2014 12 03_7995-1

Some of our Japanese Acers are hanging onto their leaves still so give us plenty of colour to admire.

2014 12 03_7992-1 2014 12 03_7998-1

As trees are now largely leafless and much of the perennial growth has died down other features of the garden gain prominence. Just look at the curled up Birch bark in one of our insect hotels and the hanging glass globe.

2014 12 03_7999-1 2014 12 03_8001-1

The poppy seed heads have shed their seeds long ago and are now very delicate but extremely beautiful.

2014 12 03_7997-1 2014 12 03_7996-1

We have a few flowers alone and out of season,  the last Sweet Peaand a single Calendula struggling to stand upright in the cold, but other flowers coming out now seemingly enjoy the cold and poor light. Violas with cheerful faces welcome visitors. It seems that the perennial Wallflower and the Welsh Poppy can send out an odd flower in any month of the year but in the depths of winter they seem to glow more than a any other time.

2014 12 03_8000-1 2014 12 16_8892


2014 12 16_8886 2014 12 16_8900


2014 12 16_8898 2014 12 16_8893


Hebe “Great Orme” is still flowering well after many months and shows no sign of giving up. The last seedhead of our many Crocosmias still glows a russet-ginger in the low light. The viburnum is just beginning its long display of honey scented blossom.


2014 12 16_8906 2014 12 16_8899

2014 12 16_8905


The last few leaves of the Ricinus in sheltered spots retain their glossy texture like well-polished shoe leather. Some curl at the edges and glow orange. Veins deepen to the darkest blood red.

2014 12 03_8006-1 2014 12 03_8005-1


2014 12 03_8004-1 2014 12 03_8003-1

So that is it. Another year in the life of our quarter acre plot here at Avocet. We have had a great gardening year with plants performing outstandingly, our first open day and the first magazine article featuring our garden. Next year looks set to be just as busy!

I am going to begin a new series in January – my garden journal – featuring words, paintings, drawings, photos and I hope some i-pad art too.

Below is a further small selection of shots taken in mid-December on a day the sun shone. They celebrate the year in our garden and give promises for the year to come.

2014 12 16_8882 2014 12 16_8884 2014 12 16_8895 2014 12 16_8896 2014 12 16_8901 2014 12 16_8902 2014 12 16_8903 2014 12 16_8904




By greenbenchramblings

A retired primary school head teacher, I now spend much of my time gardening in our quarter acre plot in rural Shropshire south of Shrewsbury. I share my garden with Jude my wife a newly retired teacher , eight assorted chickens and a plethora of wildlife. Jude does all the heavy work as I have a damaged spine and right leg. We also garden on an allotment nearby. We are interested in all things related to gardens, green issues and wildlife.

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Your year round garden series has left me in awe of your accomplishments and the beauty of your garden. It is desolate here this time of year with only the white of the snow or the green of the white pines for contrast. All lawn furniture and art has long been stored away so that it is not buried and aged by the weather. Thank you for your inspiring posts, and I so look forward to your coming 2015 series including your art. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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