Are You Sitting Comfortably? – Part 6 of a very occasional series

Number six in a very occasional series of posts all about the seats I find in gardens. Use your imagination and have a sit in each and see what you think! I hope you enjoy the view from some – you will have to use your imagination!

A visit to the famous Herefordshire garden, The Laskett, created by the couple Sir Roy Strong and Doctor Julia Trevelyan Oman, provided many unusual garden seats for us to try out and to photograph.

2015 05 13_1555 2015 05 13_1553

2015 05 13_1593 2015 05 13_1563

2015 05 13_1572 2015 05 13_1613

2015 05 13_1616 2015 05 13_1617

2015 05 13_1585 2015 05 13_1568

2015 05 13_1588 2015 05 13_1607

At the Laskett even the toilet seat is quality!

2015 05 13_1608

We will now look at another C20 garden, the gardens at Preen Manor near Much Wenlock not far from Shrewsbury. This is a garden of many”rooms” and each room seems to have a different style of seat.

2015 05 17_1648 2015 05 17_1649 2015 05 17_1653 2015 05 17_1654 2015 05 17_1664 2015 05 17_1669 2015 05 17_1671 2015 05 17_1678 2015 05 17_1682 2015 05 17_1684 2015 05 17_1692 2015 05 17_1697

On a visit to a Yellow Book NGS garden a good mixture of seats can be found, such as these four at Upper Shelderton Hall gardens.

2015 05 25_1998 2015 05 25_1997 2015 05 25_1974 2015 05 25_1963

Another Yellow Book Garden, Dovecote Barn in Herefordshire revealed these two seats, one well placed for a secret rest hiding in the polytunnel and the other a little precarious with a bit of a backward slope to it.

2015 06 07_2704 2015 06 07_2721

So there is my sixth selection of garden seats – I can now look forward to trying out lots more in my search for the seventh selection!

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2 Responses to Are You Sitting Comfortably? – Part 6 of a very occasional series

  1. Love this series. It is like the ‘doors’ that I participate in. Garden seats and benches always attract me because of design and color. For actual sitting, I gravitate to one with a back since that is the part of the body that impacts me the most. But, for impact, I love the white metal one with the swirls on the back. 🙂

  2. Garden seating is so important for comfort and for viewing. I just love that vignette of the Wisteria above the seating. It looks so romantic with all those flowers beside the seating.

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