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More Awards for Bowbrook Allotment Community

There is nothing better on cold dull days of winter than looking back.

When the RHS gave us our first award we jokingly started calling ourselves an “Award Winning Allotments” and then as we get more and more we now call ourselves the “Multi-Award Winning Allotments”. Well last year in the autumn we were invited to another award ceremony jointly held by the RHS and Britain in bloom.

We enjoy these ceremonies as it affords us the opportunity to meet gardeners from other community gardens and see what they are getting up to. This year the ceremony was held in a hotel with well-laid out gardens too so we enjoyed a wander before our lunch.

2015 11 01_7079

Our allotment gardens, Bowbrook Allotment Community, affectionately know as BAC, fall under the RHS Its your Neighbourhood Scheme for community gardens that improve their local areas. We are measured against a set of criteria which consider horticultural excellence, environmental enhancement, wildlife friendliness and community involvement. Assessors from the RHS make visits and spend several hours on site marking us against set guidelines. The awards are awarded at 5 levels starting with beginning at Level 1 moving up to Level 5 Outstanding. They can also give out discretionary awards to individuals and community gardeners.

We were pleased to receive a Level 5 Outstanding Certificate in 2015 for the 5th year running. We were totally surprised when we were called up at the end of the award ceremony to be be awarded an RHS National Award of Distinction, one of only two awarded. We were given this as we had achieved a mark of 100% in every category. Can’t be bad! It truly reflects our great community spirit!

I thought it would be interesting to add photos of the banners displayed in the hall as they give clues to the spirit of this award scheme.

2015 11 01_7070 2015 11 01_7071 2015 11 01_7085 2015 11 01_7077 2015 11 01_7087

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Another thank you.

I was recently nominated for another blogging award, the  Kreativ Blogger  Award, by Penny who writes the blog,  . I am grateful for her nomination and by accepting it I agree to list 7 things you may not know about me and nominate 7 blogs of my choice for this  Award.

As this award is about creativity I thought I would share just one photo that I created accidentally as I clicked the shutter button whilst carrying my camera out into the garden last week. Hard to tell what it is but it is quite pleasing in a simple way.

Margie, who posts one of my favourite blogs recently asked me about the photographic equipment I use so my 7 items about myself will relate to this.

1. My main camera is a Nikon DSLR

2. I use two lenses, both zooms, a Nikkor 18 – 55 and a Nikkor 70 – 300 VR.

3. If the weather is too wet or if I am shooting in adverse weather conditions I use my Canon Powershot compact.

4. If I forget my camera and find a picture that needs to be taken I use the camera facility on my Galaxy Smartphone which is an exceptionally good camera. It has a good macro facility and is great for shots without flash both indoors or out in the dark.

5. I keep a Skylight Filter on the lenses at all times to protect the precious glassware.

6. The only creative filters I use are a polariser and a +4 close up filter.

7. The software I use is Photoshop Elements.

My nominations for the Kreativ Blogger Award  are