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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! – Burnham-on-Sea

We do love to be beside the seaside, beside the sea, as followers of my blog have probably realised already. Is is great when we discover another seaside town as we did recently on a visit to countryside along the Somerset and Devon border. We were looking at a few gardens down there and fancied some time beside the sea so made our way to Burnham-on-Sea to see what we would find there.

We are always delighted and excited if we learn that the seaside town we are visiting has a pier so Burnham was onto a winner where we were concerned. We also like to see a sense of humour wherever we go and to see B-on-S boasting that it has the smallest pier in the UK rather than the more usual longest, oldest etc. So that was our first port of call, off in search of the tiny pier. We soon spotted its white roof glaring in the sunshine in strong contrast to the deep blue sky.

b2-20 b2-12 b2-15 b2-01

Walking along the promenade we could look down onto the beach to sea what the sandy beach lovers were getting up to. As usual people at the seaside become creative as they discover their creative streak even if it is for just one day.

b2-05 b2-06

Play leaders were busy providing entertainment for families of young children with games all things pirate and even had a pirate ship mock up on the sands. The ice cream man realised the potential business opportunity of parking on the sand nearby.

b2-09 b2-21b2-23 b2-22

Come for a walk along the promenade with us now and see what was happening through the lens of my trusty Nikon.

b2-02 b2-08  b2-10 b2-11  b2-13 b2-16b2-18 b2-19

We walked back along the sands rather than retracing our steps along the prom. This gave a very different perspective and afforded the opportunity to take a close look at the sand and the patterns in it.

b2-24 b2-25 b2-26 b2-27  b2-29 b2-30 b2-31 b2-32 b2-33 b2-35 b2-36 b2-37

The most amazing and surprising discovery on the sands was the colourful wooden lighthouse. In my next post I will share my photos of this incredible construction. Burnham-on-Sea was a surprising place and provided us with a most enjoyable day out with added surprises!

b2-34 b2-28 b2-39


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Southwold – a seaside town with added flair!

Southwold has been recommended to us as a seaside place worth a visit a few times so when we found ourselves just 20 or so miles away we simply had to go and see what made Southwold so special.

sw-04 sw-07

We parked the car right in front of the pier as a suitable parking space presented itself and on opening the doors we were greeted by the sound of the song “The Good Ship Lollipop” being broadcast rather too loudly! This was to be the first of several surprises to come!

sw-18 sw-08sw-19 sw-20

The pier was full of such surprises none more impressive than the metalwork pieces along its length beginning appropriately with the gateway. To follow were seat arms of metal eels, two rather “Heath Robinsonesque” creations, a clock and a telescope.

sw-17 sw-06sw-11 sw-15sw-10 sw-14sw-09 sw-13

On the back wall of the main entrance building this huge mural is a tribute to writer George Orwell to whom Southwold was home during various periods of his life. Liz Ewing describes Southwold as “…… a place he returned to time and time again,to study, to work, to write, to paint, to fall in love and to convalesce”.

sw-05 sw-16

Walking the promenade afforded wide sweeping views of long sandy beaches and looking out to sea the rather beautiful sculptural village of wind turbines.

sw-01 sw-02

From the end of the pier we spotted another favourite seaside feature, a row of beach huts, for which Southwold is famous, but this is the subject of another post all about the seaside at Southwold (published 22\11\2016) . Here are a couple to whet your appetite!

sw-12sw-28 sw-25

Back to search for other aspects of this interesting little seaside town that is Southwold, we wandered very slowly away from the pier towards the old town itself.

sw-56 sw-52

Leaving the bright plastic of beach toys behind us we discovered these interesting little garden cameos with nautical hints, and also an inland lighthouse of all things. This strange and extremely tall building was hundreds of yards from the sea itself and hidden in the back gardens of the village cottages. Strange! You will spot it snuggled into the town centre in one of my pics below.

sw-48 sw-49 sw-50 sw-54

After being surprised by the beauty of the pier and the beach huts were then delighted to find an equally beautiful little town.

sw-70 sw-69 sw-68 sw-71

It appears that at one time in the past Southwold was a busy productive little settlement with its own brewery, distillery and cottage industries. Today the brewery remains integrated into the village with its premises nestled among the shops and cottages.

sw-61 sw-60sw-57 sw-59sw-64 sw-66sw-67 sw-65

There was obvious pride in this lovely little place with community spirit riding high and a very warm welcome for its visitors.

sw-63 sw-62

We left the inland secrets of Southwold behind and ambled back along the promenade looking out over the beach and the sea itself, a perfect end to a day of finding a new favourite place. A great discovery!

sw-45 sw-44


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Seaside Textures

Every time we visit the seaside and take a walk along the sands we start collecting shells to decorate our Seaside Garden at home, and once we start looking we notice the amazing patterns and textures created on the sand as the tides retreat.

We recently drove over to Anglesey and after leaving the main road as it crossed over from the Welsh mainland we drove down lanes which got narrower and more secretive until we arrived at our favourite beach. On opening the car doors all we heard was silence occasionally broken by birdsong and the raucous calls of gulls. That is why it our favourite beach for a quiet walk. Come with us as we wander heads down seeking shells and finding the shapes and textures etched into the sand.

2015 10 13_6002 2015 10 13_6012 2015 10 13_60402015 10 13_6026

Please enjoy this gallery of photos to help you share our wanderings.

The strangest shape and texture of all belonged to these beached jelly fish, their star like shape and jelly texture sitting lifeless on the sands. It looked as if the sun had fallen from the sky and was resting on the sand.

2015 10 13_6039 2015 10 13_6041

We stopped part way home to watch the sun set over the sea. What a great day out!

2015 10 13_6044 2015 10 13_6045


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Strands – Discovering a Beach – Part Two

Back on our favourite beach on the North Wales coast we are carrying on our discovery of the gifts the sea has deposited on the strandline. First she uses her power to shape and smooth, to erode hard and soft matter alike. Feathers, seaweed, boulders, stones and all sorts of wood.

2013 09 27_3849 2013 09 27_3848 2013 09 27_3847

I promised a selection of images of pebbles that the sea has created from man made materials normally found on a building site.

2013 09 27_3812 2013 09 27_3813 2013 09 27_3810 2013 09 27_3808 2013 09 27_3806 2013 09 27_3805 2013 09 27_3803 2013 09 27_3802 2013 09 27_3801

2013 09 27_3841 2013 09 27_3842 2013 09 27_3843 2013 09 27_3844 2013 09 27_3845 2013 09 27_3877 2013 09 27_3876 2013 09 27_3881 2013 09 27_3880 2013 09 27_3918 2013 09 27_3813 2013 09 27_3806

We followed on carefully studying the pebble beach and the strandline picking up interesting pebbles and shells until we felt we needed to turn around and start back. We decided to walk back following the grass path along the top of the beach so made our way carefully over the pebbles and rounded boulders upwards. When doing this we found the remains of an old wooden pier now exposed and well-eroded. This slowed our progress to a stop as here there was so much of interest.

2013 09 27_3831  2013 09 27_3821 2013 09 27_3822 2013 09 27_3826

Enjoy our exploration of the old wooden structures and share with us the smells, sounds and sights all around. Follow the gallery by clicking on the first photo and using the right arrow to move on.

2013 09 27_3866 2013 09 27_3960

2013 09 27_3867 2013 09 27_3816 2013 09 27_3815 2013 09 27_3814

Rusted plumbing?

A snail like metal peg.

2013 09 27_3837

Algae on eroded wood.

2013 09 27_3835 2013 09 27_3831 2013 09 27_3832

Curled metal rod

A perfect circular hole mystery.

2013 09 27_3891

A split groin topped with algae.

Once we decided to make our way back to the car we started searching for objects we wanted to collect to take home as added features to our seaside garden. This part of our garden needs a revamp in the spring so the items we collected will be most useful.

2013 09 27_3894 2013 09 27_3871

In Strands Part Three we will make our way back to the car and a welcome cup of coffee!