Thanks for the compliment.

OK we create our blogs because we enjoy writing and taking photos and then enjoy sharing them with others. But it is nice sometimes to get the odd compliment such as a blogging award.

So thanks to Judy of the blog grandparentsplus2 for nominating my blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I now need to tell you 7 things about myself you may not know and list my 7 favourite blogs to nominate them for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

1. I read over a hundred books every year which means that over the last decade I have read my way through 1 000 books. It makes my eyes ache just to think about it!

2. I suffer from Noun Aphasia which means that I often forget the names of things. I have previously forgotten what a chair is so-called it “the thing with four legs that we sit on”. I once forgot the name of Goldilocks  so-called her “the girl who lived in the woods with the bears”. It is very frustrating but my family enjoy it.

3. I can’t dig! I have to get Jude, Mrs Greenbench aka The Undergardener, to do it for me. I have no feeling in my right leg so if I dig I simply fall over!

4. I am a great fan of jazz and the blues.

5. I have been an allotment gardener now for over 20 years.

6. I enjoy chutney making with my excess crops.

7. I have a terrible memory! I nearly forgot that one.

My select seven blogs are


2. http:/






I know that not everyone likes awards but this is an opportunity to suggest a few blogs others might enjoy. Sharing ideas is central to blogging.