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My Garden Journal 2019 – January

Back with my new journal for a new year, my Garden Journal 2019. January is often described a s a quiet month in the garden and gardeners are often told to keep inside in the warm, order seeds from catalogues, … Continue reading

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Simply Beautiful – 24

Back with another post in my occasional series of posts looking at things that are “simply beautiful”, and in this one we are looking at some sweetpea flowers still showing colour in mid-September. The first two pics are of Sweetpea … Continue reading

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Simply Beautiful – No 22 in very occasional series

The Passion Flower, Passiflora incarnata, has been appreciated for years both for its beauty and for religious interpretations of its features and structure. In this post I want to share a few photos of the Passionflower vine growing in our … Continue reading

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Simply Beautiful – 15

This is the fifteenth in my series featuring simply beautiful natural things and I am going to feature an unusual looking flower as I did in the preceding “Simply Beautiful” post. This time I am going to feature a beautiful … Continue reading

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My Garden Journal 2017 – May

So as spring moves towards its end and we look forward to summertime, it is time to look at my Garden Journal 2017 entries for May. I began by writing, “May is the month when Spring turns to Summer and Roses … Continue reading

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Gordon and Mona’s Place

We like to share with you the gardens owned by our fellow Shropshire gardeners and we especially sharing our visits to some excellent gardens created and looked after by fellow members of the Shropshire Group of the Hardy Plant Society. … Continue reading

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Developing 3 spaces in our garden – part 3

The second new area we were able to develop this winter was a very small border created when we rationalised our sheds. The bed was originally used for a selection of mints which we used for cooking so the soil … Continue reading

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